Friday, 25 June 2021 / Published in CLAC Chronicle

Welcome to the first edition of the “CLAC Chronicle” our monthly newsletter/update on all things happening at Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre!

Our new 2021/22 Committee have conducted our first meeting, back on Zoom, and everything is coming along nicely as we start planning for our 2021/22 Summer Season.

This year we have seen record numbers compete at Cross Country, which has been fantastic to see, with lots of new faces still joining Cranbourne.

This week, Saturday June 26th, we are back to Edwin Flack Reserve, with the course being reversed. From this week we will have one of our Cranbourne Marquee’s at Edwin Flack as a “home base” for Cranbourne Athletes. You can pop your bags under it, as well as see any of our committee members if you have any questions.

Upcoming Events For Weekly Cross Country
Upcoming Events For Weekly Cross Country
Saturday 3rd July – Aranmore Lake
Saturday 10th July – Edwin Flack Reserve

Cross Country Training

We have started Cross Country training down at Casey Fields on a Tuesday night, however with the current COVID conditions we require all athletes to sign up. So be sure to tune into our Facebook Group, Facebook page, and team app.

Please remember that training is NOT a babysitting service and your child cannot train without a parent or guardian in attendance, if you cannot stay please speak to one of our coaches upon arrival.

Facebook Members Group:
Team App:

State Cross Country Championships

Saturday 31st July, Lake Dewar Lodge, Myrniong

The State Cross-Country Championships is an individual Cross-Country event. It is held on terrain that is undulating and provides a challenge to the athletes. The course may incorporate one or two laps depending on the distance and layout of the course.

Register Now:

Entries Close: Monday 5th July 11.59am (Midday)

2021 Cross Country State Relay Championships (U9+)

Saturday 14th August, Cruden Farm, Langwarrin

Cross Country Relays are fast approaching.
We currently have a massive team set for the day, however, we are still after a few athletes!
2x U14 Girls (or U13 that would like to run in the U13’s)

If you would like to join the teams, please see Scott, Michelle, or Pieter at Cross Country – or send Cranbourne Little Athletics a message via Facebook.
Current Teams:

UNDER 93 Teams3 Teams
UNDER 101 Team3 Teams
UNDER 112 Teams1 Team
UNDER 121 Team
UNDER 131 Team
UNDER 141 TeamPushing for 1
UNDER 151 Team

Sponsorship & Fundraising Information

Dean McCaughan has passed the role onto Chloe Brannan this year. Dean’s last act in this role was locking in a $1000 sponsorship from the Community Sports Sector.
Chloe comes in this year with lots of support and some fresh ideas, if anyone who owns a local business would like to sponsor our center please get in contact with Chloe via email

The first sponsor we have signed up is The Pancake Parlour through their club rewards program.

We ask that everyone please joins the club rewards program they have, by simply:

Download The Pancake Parlour app (via the app store or play store)
Create Account
Head to Rewards > Club Rewards
Select Join a Club
Find Cranbourne Little Athletics in the list and select
Then every time you head to the Pancake Parlour scan your app

Social Media Update

We hope you are all enjoying getting to know our committee through our profiles being posted on our Facebook Page. We plan to keep this going throughout the season and even getting some athletes involved.

Make sure you have liked us on Facebook and followed our Instagram for further updates, pictures, etc… Remember to keep hitting that Like button whenever you see a post from Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre!

That’s it for our first edition of the CLAC Chronicle. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us

Tuesday, 18 May 2021 / Published in Latest News

Cranbourne members,

        Not long now until we venture down to Cruden Farm for State Cross Country relays.

Each relay team consists of three runners and all runners must be of the same gender and ideally from the same age group so that we don’t have to promote runners up an age group or create a Gippsland Country Region (GCR) team.

To balance the teams out in multiples of three we require additional runners for the following age groups:

U9F – 1 more runners

U10F – 2 more runners (or 2 u9 girls will be promoted)

U14F – 2 more runners

U12M – 1 more runners

U13M – 2 more runners

U14M – 2 more runners (or U13B will be promoted)

Registered Cruden Farm Runners Below:

NameSurnameAge Group
RoohveenKaur Sagoo9G
One more U9G runner needed
Two more U10G runner needed
Shayla Warwick13G
Two more U14G runner needed
Two more U9B runner needed
One more 12B runner needed
Two more 13B runner needed
Two more 13B runner needed

The teams will be finalised this Sunday and the entry fee of $5 dollars per athlete is still outstanding for some members, thank you to those that have paid.

If you have not paid can you please pay this online and send the receipt that would be much appreciated, transaction details below.

Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre

Bendigo Bank

BSB: 633 000

Acc: 150050714

Reference: XC Surname      (Example:  XC CULPIN)

Thank you.

Friday, 23 April 2021 / Published in Latest News

Date: Saturday 1st May, 2021
Time: 11am via Zoom.

Zoom Details:

Meeting ID: 854 8074 5278
Passcode: 079634


2020/21 Annual General Meeting Agenda

Minutes from 2019/20 Annual General Meeting

2020/21 Tresurers Report

Presentation Day will commence after the Annual General Meeting at Casey Fields Regional Athletics Centre
Please try and arriver 15-20 Minutes before your age group’s presentation time.

1:00pm U6 Boys and Girls Presentation
1:15pm U7 Boys and Girls Presentation
1:30pm U8 Boys and Girls Presentation
1:45pm U9 Boys and Girls Presentation
2:00pm U10 Boys and Girls Presentation
2:15pm U11 Boys and Girls Presentation
2:30pm Multi Class Boys and Girls Presentation
2:45pm U12 Boys and Girls Presentation
3:00pm U13 Boys and Girls Presentation
3:15pm U14 Boys and Girls Presentation
3:30pm U15 & U16 Boys and Girls Presentation

Should you not be able to attend either the AGM or Presentation Day please notify the centre via email

Thursday, 01 April 2021 / Published in Latest News

Dear Members,

The Annual General meeting (AGM) is an important event for our club.  It gives members and the committee a broad overview of the organization’s current directions, financial health and confirms our purpose.  It is also a great time to revitalize through the official engagement of members, new and current into key elected positions

The traditional format of AGM’s often involves a number of members meeting in a physical location and voting on a show of hands.  This location was our club room’s, however, our clubrooms are being utilized at present and a capacity limit in place.

To that end, we have decided to hold a hybrid AGM and Presentation to be held at 11:00am, 1st of May 2021 over Zoom.  The hybrid part is that we will be broadcasting from the clubrooms and presenting the major trophies throughout the AGM.

All other awards will be presented after the AGM, by age group out on the track as we have done previously.  Athletes will be advised of when their presentations times are and will be invited to arrive with their fellow team mates to be presented their trophies and awards in persons. We will have a jumping castle for those waiting for their trophies and/or medals.

This therefore allows all members to attend and participate in this meeting from their homes and or at the track where required.  The business to be transacted at a virtual meeting will be the same business that is transacted at a traditional AGM just in a virtual format.

Zoom details to be provided in due course.

Essentially, standard AGM rules however still apply.  If the requisite number of members fail to attend a meeting, there will be no quorum so no business can be transacted. 

The AGM can still be a positive experience for all of us we all go away firmly committed to the club and our goals.

Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre

Monday, 22 March 2021 / Published in Latest News

The last athletics event of 2021 is the Commonwealth Bank State Relay Championships at Casey Fields.

As we are hosting at Casey Fields we need as much help as we can possibly get to assist on the day. We will be running the BBQ on the day, which will also operate as a “mini canteen”. We are offering DOUBLE points to all parents that sign up! A great way to top up your parent points.

You can sign up as normal by clicking here

On top of the BBQ there is a small Duty Rosters for some familys.




Friday, 19 March 2021 / Published in Latest News

Well, we made it, the last week of season 2020/21!,

Here are a few notes for this weekend!



To help us get through the program we want everyone to arrive early! Events will no wait for athletes that are late.


We still need plenty of helpers for this week!
Please sign up now –


Committee nominations are open for next season. Please download and fill out the nomination form to join our growing committee.

Click here to download the nomination form

In the next week, we will announce the official date and formation for our AGM and Presentation Day.

Cross Country season will be happening again throughout the winter! We are awaiting the season announcement from GCR and we will pass the details on as soon as we get them.

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 / Published in Latest News

Good Evening all,

Congratulations again to all our athletes who have made it through to  State Track and Field. It is an amazing achievement because now you are in the top 24 in the State!!



A few reminders and information for the upcoming State event this weekend.

-It’s about 40mins to 1 hr drive to Lake side Oval. Parking on the street is free, in the carpark its a small fee.

-Please arrive 1 hr before your event. There are time frames to arrive at your event and if you are not there you will be disqualified.

-See Paul or Myself (Mark) so we know you have arrived. We will be situated on the back straight at the same spot as Combined.


Full uniform must be worn       

*Competition top

 *Royal Blue Shorts/boy pants with no pockets and no logos.

-Field events can take some time as there are 24 competitors so bring a water bottle and some warm clothes while you wait.

-Please see Parent Duty Roster. It is really important that you fulfill your duty as the event can not go on without your help. Remember at Cranbourne we are here for all our children. 

State can be very intimidating for everyone so lets make sure we stick together and support each other throughout the weekend and most of all enjoy ourselves.

Paul and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our athletes the best for the weekend  and let the Personal Best flow.


Mark Sullivan

Cranbourne Team Manager/ Vice President

Friday, 05 March 2021 / Published in Uncategorised

Congratulations to all the athletes below, close to 70 athletes, that have made it to the 2021 State Championships to be held at Lakeside Stadium on March 13-14.


Symone Adelaja U10G
70m, Long Jump, 100m, 200m

Agostino Agostino U9B
High Jump, 100m, 200m

Cecilia Agostino U13G
Long Jump, 100m, 200m

Cyprian Aliva U10B
Shot Put

Vansh Bhutani U10B

Zoe Black U11G
1100m Walk, High Jump, Long Jump

Indianna Borg U10G
1100m Walk

Benjamin Crowley U12B
1500m Walk

Shae Culpin U13G
1500m Walk, 1500m

Ella Cunningham U14G
1500m Walk

Kevin de Silva U11B

Riley Debono U9B
700m Walk

Aidan Dep U9B
60m Hurdles

Jayla Disney U11G
1500m Walk

James Dunn U13B
1500m Walk

Chloe Freestone U16G
1500m Walk, Shot Put, 100m, 200m

Cora Freestone U10G
Long Jump

Keely Freestone U14G
1500m Walk, Shot Put, Javelin

Addison Frenken U9G
700m Walk, 800m, 60m Hurdles

Caitlyn Gorgievski U12G
1500m Walk

Mikayla Gorgievski U12G
Shot Put

Billie Greyling U9G
Shot Put, 100m, 200m, 400m

Ezekiel Ham U11B
Long Jump, Triple Jump, 100m, 80m Hurdles

Isabella Hetherington U15G
Discus, 200m, 400m

Teagan James U11-12MC
Long Jump, Shot Put, 100m, 200m

Bella Karantonis U14G
High Jump

 Jeremy Kariuki U15B
100m, 200m

Gurarmandeep Kaur U9G
Shot Put, Discus

Jasmine Khew U12G
1500m Walk

Max Khew U10B
Long Jump

Illara Kohl U11G
100m, 200m, 400

Laliya Kute U14G
Triple Jump, 200m

Jackson Laughlin U13-16MC
Long Jump, Shot Put, 100m, 200m

Java Lauterboom U10B
200m, 400m, 800m

Jireh Liki U9B
Shot Put

Kelsey Loudon U10G
1100m Walk, Shot Put, Discus

Declan Maling U11B
Long Jump, 1500m, 80m Hurdles

Ethan McCaughan U12B
High Jump, Long Jump, 80m Hurdles

Madison McCaughan U9G
70m, High Jump

Heidi Meier U11G
1100m Walk

James Meier U15B
Javelin, 1500m

Bodhi Moxon U9B
700m Walk

Caleb Neil U10B
70m, 100m, 200m

Ava Notman U15G

Finley O’Dea U15B
100m Hurdles, High Jump, Javelin

Jaime O’Dea U12B

Israel-Excellent Olaniyan U12B
Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus

Zion-Great Olaniyan U14B
100m, 200m

Ava Zoe Perenara U12G

Jackson Pribil U10B
High Jump, Shot Put, Discus

Jamall Sahabdeen U15B
1500m Walk, Triple Jump, 1500m

Shariq Sahabdeen U13B
Triple Jump

Dejan Samu U9B
Shot Put

Ainsleigh Sapukotana U10G
70m, 100m, 60m Hurdles

Vrinda Sharma U9G
Long Jump, 100m, 200m

Manreet Sidhu U12G

Harsamar Singh U10B
Long Jump, 100m

Joshua Sullivan U15B
Long Jump, Triple Jump, 200m, 400m

Liam Sullivan U12B
1500m Walk

Devyn Taru U12B
Long Jump, Triple Jump

Jaydah-Rose Taru U9G
70m, Long Jump

Brodie Trounson U9B
200m, 400m, 800m

Meg van Brakel U11G

Sana Vig U10G
1100m Walk

Keira Warwick U13-16MC
Shot Put, 100m. 200m

Lani Warwick U10G
1100m Walk

Shayla Warwick U13G
1500m Walk, 1500m

Nemindu Weerasinghe U14G
Triple Jump

Monday, 01 March 2021 / Published in Latest News
If you have something in mind or any questions, feel free to email our centre secretary or send us a message on Facebook.


Vice President


Assistant Secretary


Assistant Treasurer

Grants & Sponsorship Coordinator

Fundraising Team

Head Coach

Assistant Coach’s

Special Events Team

Grounds & Equipment

Assistant Grounds & Equipment


Assistant Registrar Team

Results & Records

Junior Boys Team Manager
Junior Girls Team Manager
Senior Boys Team Manager
Senior Girls Team Manager
Multi Class Team Manager
Team managers assist the Results and Records team with all centre awards, standards etc..

Canteen Manager

On Track Coordinator

Program Manager


Region & State Team Manager

Region & State Assistant Team Manager

Uniform Manager

Communications Manager

Working with the Communications Manager. Using your own camera, with the centres SD Cards, taking photos on competition days.

Chief Referee
Competition Day contact for all competition queries

Liaison Officer ( Assisting New Members)

Logistics Manager
Assistant to Program manager/announcer on Comp Days

Child Protection Officer
Ensure our centre is obeying the “Play By The Rules” for child-safe sport. Also, be available if an athlete feels the need to speak out.

Thursday, 18 February 2021 / Published in Latest News


Well…. What another HUGE week its been in the Little Athletics Victoria World!!

As you may have all seen, the GCR Track and Field Carnival will now take place NEXT weekend, Saturday Feb 27th – Sunday Feb 28th. The program and the Parent Duty roster will remain the same! We will re-post again throughout this week to remind everyone.

With Region being pushed back to next week our twilight program for next Friday night will now be POSTPONED, meaning there will be NO COMPETITION at Casey Fields on Friday 26th February. We are currently looking at holding this Twilight at a later date in the year! Stay tuned for this to be announced!

Region Relays will no longer be happening with all teams now progressing straight through to state! More on relays will be relayed to all entrants at this Sunday’s training session at Casey Fields.


This week is STILL going ahead as normal! We do ask that EVERYONE over the age of 12 years old is carrying a mask on them, that must be worn when you cannot socially distance

Early Starts were posted onto social media this morning
U14-16 Boys and Girls 1500m, U12B Long Jump & U10B High Jump will all start at 8am. Please be there ready to go at 7.55am!

On Monday we also posted new STRICT rules in regards to entering the arena. This will be enforced this week – if you are not wearing a vest or not asked by a committee member to assist you MUST NOT cross over the fence. You are more than welcome to follow your child around outside of the track fence line – all events are viewable from the fence.

Ross and his team will again be up on the mezzanine with our medal engraver! So if you have any medals lying around that need engraving please take in up to see Ross and his team!


We still require a lot of parent helpers this week! Remember you need to hit 30 parent points for your child/ren to be eligible for an end of season award. Point update will be available by the mezzanine on Saturday.

Please sign up now and enter your child’s name in the comments when you book

  • SET UP & PACK UP (we have added more spots to these tasks)
  • BBQ
  • U6 Girls
  • U6 Boys
  • U7 Girls
  • U8 Girls
  • U10 Girls
  • U10 Boys
  • U11 Girls
  • U11 Boys
  • U12 Girls
  • U12 Boys
  • U13 Girls
  • U13 Boys
  • U14 Boys
  • U15-16 Girls and Boys
  • Multi Class
  • Gate Helpers (Training Provided)
  • Starter Helpers (Training Provided)
  • Results Entry (New Position/Training Provided)