2023/24 LAVic State Championships: Cranbourne Athlete Information

Congratulations and Good Luck to all the athletes who will represent Cranbourne at this weekend’s State Championships. This year we have a massive team who have progressed through to state – with a total of 99 athletes over 230 events.

Many brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends among this group, but whilst we are at Knox this weekend, wearing the White, Blue and Gold, We Are One Centre, We Are One Family – let’s all support one another this week and keep that Cranbourne Spirit High!!

Yes, it is going to be hot! There may be changes throughout the day! Please note that this is a FULL LAVic Event, we find out things the same time that you find out.
LAVic do have plenty of Marquees up at field event sites, as well as the finish line with misting fans to assist cooling down the athletes.

Where is it?

This year’s State Championships will take place at Knox Athletics Track Bunjil Way, Knoxfield VIC 3180

Please note that parking may be a little chaotic, please try and arrive early!

Where to Check In?

Once you arrive at the Knox Track, we have our marquees set up at the 200m start – please look around for the Cranbourne Marquees!
Cranbourne is known for making lots of noise and cheering on each athlete, so let’s keep that going!

Please make sure you bring a deck chair, blanket etc to sit on.

Families will be required to check in with Lisa at least one hour before your first event, the call rooms close 20 minutes before event time. If you do not check in with Lisa at the Cranbourne team area we will presume your athlete is not competing and will be scratched from their events.

Duty Roster

When registering, it is a requirement to agree to fulfill Parent Duty. With numerous athletes participating, the allocation of duties is extensive, and all families must fulfill their assigned responsibilities. We have made efforts to distribute duties evenly. Please ensure that you do not let down the center and, more importantly, our athletes.

Failure to attend to your duty will result in your child being scratched for all subsequent events on the weekend. Moreover, you risk jeopardizing your standing for future Region/State events, upcoming Cranbourne functions, and Cranbourne season awards.

Parents on duty are obligated to wear closed-toe footwear for safety purposes. It is important to note that while on duty inside the track, the use of mobile phones, taking photos, or cheering for athletes is strictly prohibited, as this may jeopardize the athletes and result in disqualification from the event.

All duties must be carried out by individuals who are 18 years or older.


Keep in mind that 99% of individuals you encounter at the event will be volunteers, generously contributing their time to ensure the smooth operation of the event.


All athletes must be wearing the complete Cranbourne uniform. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in your child being ineligible to participate—this adheres to both LAVIC rules and the conditions of entry.

Our Uniform Consists of:

  • Royal Blue Shorts with NO Pockets, Patterns, or Non-approved logos (e.g., Nike, Adidas, etc…)
  • Cranbourne Competition Top
  • Coles patch SEWN on, above the LAVic logo on the athlete’s shirt.
  • 2023/24 Commonwealth Bank name patch.

Please see the file below on all uniform regulations including the wearing of undergarments (shirts and shorts under your uniform)



Athletes will need to marshall AT LEAST 20 minutes before their event time – so PLEASE arrive to check in AT LEAST 1 HOUR BEFORE YOUR EVENT!!

Athletes/Parents will be required to take themselves to the marshaling point/call room – our team managers will be there to assist you to make sure they are heading in the right direction. Please make sure you are near the Cranbourne Marquees to ensure you know where to go.

All track events will be marshaled in the Track Call room.

All field events will need to be marshaled at the designated marshaling points.

  • Marshal Point 1: Long & Triple Jump – outside of the track, halfway down the main straight.
  • Marshal Point 2: Discus & Shot Put – outside of the track on bend beyond the finish line.
  • Marshal Point 3: Javelin and High Jump – corner of track near 200m start

Free Live Stream

This event is live-streamed through Little Athletics Victoria. The stream will be on Little Athletics Victoria’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

All track events are live-streamed, unfortunately, with the resources available from being a FREE live stream field events are not live-streamed.

Addition Information




Full athlete Lane Draws and Field Event Orders are now available.

If anyone needs any additional information please contact Lisa Black on 0412 977 939.

See you all at Knox,

Lisa Black
Region and State Team Manager
0412 977 939

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