Our Committee for the 2022/23 Season

Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre Executive Committee

To contact any committee member, please send us a message via messenger or send us an email cranbourne@lavic.com.au

Holger P

Katrina B

Bronwyn P

Dean M
Vice President

Adam B
Head Coach

Megan C

David K
Sponsorship & Grants Manager

Cranbourne Little Athletics General Committee

Assistant Treasurer
Jastinder S

Assistant Secretary

Assistant Registrar
Nicole VB & Nina O

Website & Social Media Manager
Andrew P

Michael G

Program Manager
Michael G

Logistics Manager
Peter S

Child Protection Officer
Anthony L.R, Archana S

Grounds & Equipment Manager
Brendan C

Assistant Grounds & Equipment
Paul F

Special Events
Debbie S

On Track Coordinator
Holger P

Liaison Officers
Katrina B, Lisa B

Region & State Team Manager
Paul F

Assistant Region & State Team Manager
Michelle F

Multi-Class Team Manager
Kara J

Senior & Junior Boys Team Manager
Pieter G

Senior & Junior Girls Team Manager
Yewande A

Cross Country Team Manager
Brownyn P

Canteen Manager
Berni O

Assistant Coaches
Michelle F, Lisa B, David K, Angelos K, Kuldeep S

Vicky D

Results & Records
Annette N

Results & Records Assistant
Joy K