Behavioural Expectations

Behavioural expectations?

Little Athletics is all about family, having fun, and participation – whilst having a go and striving for personal best achievements is a focus for the athlete.

  • It is expected that all parents/guardians, officials, volunteers and athletes comply with CLAC’s Code of Conduct
  • CLAC will attempt to make sure that all athletes, coaches, spectators, parents and officials are aware of and understand the code of conduct
  • CLAC code of conduct will be enforced via club officials and committee – please respect.
  • Please remember that all coaches, committee members, officials, and parent helpers are all volunteering their time – please respect.

Parent attendance responsibilities?

  • Little Athletics is not a child drop-off nor is it a child-minding sport
  • A parent/guardian must be present at the track whenever their child or children are competing
  • You are responsible for your children’s behaviour, welfare and making decisions in the event of any injury.