Centre Uniform

  1. Full Uniform Requirement: Athletes must consistently wear the complete uniform, featuring the mandatory CommBank registration label securely affixed to the front of their shirt, singlet, or crop top. Adherence to this rule is essential; failure to comply will result in disqualification from competition without exceptions.
  2. T-Shirt Allowance: Athletes have the option to wear t-shirts under their uniform for sun protection purposes. These t-shirts should be in royal blue, black, or white colors.
  3. Compression Shorts: For undershorts, athletes can wear compression shorts in beige or black colors.
  4. Special Uniform Considerations: In the case of cultural or medical reasons, athletes may seek committee approval for variations to the standard uniform.
  5. Footwear Guidelines: Athletes can choose between runners or spikes based on their age group and the specific events they are participating in, as outlined below.

    Spikes are permitted for the following events:

    • U13-U16: All events except Shot Put, Discus, Race Walking, and Cross Country.
    • U11-U12: Sprints, 400m and Hurdles events, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Javelin.
    • U6-U10: Spikes are not allowed.
  6. Dress Code for Warm Clothing: Athletes may wear tracksuits and warm clothing to the starting area of track and field events. However, these items must be removed before the event begins. In field events, pants can be worn except during regional or state events. Additionally, warm clothing may be worn under the club uniform, but only if it’s blue, gold, or white in color.
  7. Coles Sponsor Patch: It is mandatory for all Centre uniforms to display the COLES patch, which should be sewn onto the front above the LAVic logo. The use of pins is not allowed for attaching sponsor patches. These patches are available at the uniform shop and are provided free of charge.

Note: Adherence to these uniform guidelines is vital to ensure fair competition and a sense of unity among athletes. Exceptions can be discussed and approved by the committee for special circumstances