Centre Uniform

Full uniform must be worn at all times with the compulsory registration label attached to the front of polo shirt/singlet/crop top.   Athletes will not be able to compete if the above is not adhered to – NO exceptions.

Athletes are permitted to wear t-shirts (for sun-smart reasons) under uniform as long as they are royal blue, gold, or white. Compressions shorts are permitted undershorts as long as they are royal blue, beige, or black.

With permission from the committee, exceptions can be made to uniform for cultural or medical reasons.

Footwear – runners or spikes (specified age groups and events as listed below).

Spikes may be worn by:

  • U13-U16 – all events except Shot Put, Discus, Race Walking and Cross Country
  • U11-U12 – Sprints, 400m and Hurdles events, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Javelin
  • U6-U10 – no spikes

Tracksuits and other warm clothing may be worn to the start of track and field events but must be removed prior to the event, (pants may be worn in field events except at region or state events). Warm clothing may be worn under the club uniform only if blue, gold, or white.

Sponsor Patch: All club and centre uniforms must have the patch sewn onto the front, above the LAVic logo – NO PINS. Sponsor patches are available from the uniform shop – they are free!