Cranbourne Little Athletics Competition Information


Age groups take part in weekly structured competitions, primarily scheduled for Saturdays.

During any given week, each age group is typically involved in 4 to 5 events, the number varying based on the specific age category.

The regular CLAC (Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre) competition usually spans 16 to 20 weeks on Saturdays through summer.

CLAC features three to four different programs that rotate on a weekly basis. The events linked to a particular program are promoted via Social Media.

The Track and Field (summer) season spans from October to March of the subsequent year.

Little Athletics takes a pause over the Christmas break, lasting 2 to 3 weeks.

Gender-specific competition is held for boys and girls.

The U14-17 age group competes together due to lower athlete participation but their performance outcomes are categorized by age.

Parent volunteers play the roles of officials and organizers for the weekly competitions throughout the year.

Age group officials (Parent helpers) offer technical guidance, especially for younger athletes and field events.

Each athlete’s weekly performance contributes towards club awards at the year-end.

The club awards encompass medals and trophies, recognizing personal best achievements and age group champions.

CLAC awards Personal Best medals to athletes achieving the following in a single season:

  • 10 Personal bests = Bronze medal
  • 20 Personal bests = Silver medal
  • 30 Personal bests = Gold medal

The results of your child’s competition, usually available at the end of the day, are uploaded onto Results HQ. To access this, you need to register an account for your child, including a username/email address and password.

Results HQ login enables you to track your child’s results throughout the year and monitor their progress in various events.

The Little Athletics VIC website contains an abundance of information regarding events and their management.

Little Athletics Victoria Competition Rules and Regulations