Region & State Relays

Relays are a fantastic way for children to run together in a team. It is one of the few opportunities that our athletes will have to compete together in a team environment.

Relay competition days are held first at a regional level, and then at a state level. At these meets, the club sits together and supports all of the relay teams from the sidelines. Both of these days are a really fun way to feel part of the club- there’s always so much hype, excitement and encouragement from athletes and families alike.


Athletes can compete in a minimum of one and up to a maximum of three teams:

  • 4 x 100m
  • 4 x 200m
  • Medley (consists of 1 x 100m 1 x 200m 1x 300m 1 x 400m)

Athletes can compete in single sex teams, mixed sex teams or mixed age teams.  A mixed sex team is made up of 2 girls and 2 boys.   The mixed aged team is made up of athletes from each age group and occurs only in the medley event.  The age break up for this event is Under 9 – Under 11 (1xU9, 1xU10, 2 x U11); Under 12- Under 13 (2 x U12, 2 x U13); Under 14- Under 15 (2 x U14, 2 x U16,).


All children who enter the relays are expected to attend relay training. Relay training takes place on some Sunday morning’s and some Tuesday evenings starting September 23rd. Please ask Coach Matt or Relay Team Manager Mark for further details.


The Head Coach selects the teams and running order.


Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre Uniform is to be worn.

Region composite teams

Where a full team cannot be made up by one club, athletes have the opportunity to run in a region composite team. In these cases athletes will wear a region uniform provided by the region on the day of competition.