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Welcome to Region Relay Week!!

Firstly Thank you for signing up to represent Cranbourne at this weekends Relay Carnival. We cannot wait to see everyone out there coming together as a team. No matter what happens, we are proud of each and every athlete for getting out there and giving it a go!

Important Information

This weekend will be held at Casey Fields – Our Home Turf!


Athletes MUST arrive at least 40 minutes before their first event to check in – please allow a bit of time to arrive due to the roadworks in the area!

We will have Marquee’s set up for everyone to use as a home base – please bring your own deckchairs, picnic rugs, etc.. The marquees will be set up on the 200m bend!

Once athletes have checked in, they MUST be at the Cranbourne area 30 minutes before each event to be able to be taken to Marshalling by a team manager.

This weekend we are all one centre, one team, and one family! Everyone that goes out there in the Blue, Yellow, and White are all one team! We hope to see and hear lots of support for each other this weekend no matter the results.

Please note that ONLY those on duty and team managers may enter the area/track.

All Little Athletics events are non-smoking.
Dogs are not permitted at any Little Athletics Victoria event; Parents will be asked to leave if arriving with a dog/puppy.

Final Training

Please note our final training session will be THIS WEDNESDAY, Wednesday 15th November, from 5pm at Casey Fields!
Please note: Wednesday nights are the ONLY night we have access to the full track, so we would love to see as many athletes down there as possible. If you cannot attend please send a message to Lisa on the centre events phone – 0472 624 384

Parent Duties

When registering your athlete, you agreed to participate in Parent Duty. Every athlete’s family is expected to contribute by fulfilling a parent duty. Please ensure that the individual performing the duty is 18 years or older.


Please note: As we are hosting Relays, we do have canteen and bbq as well. Please remember that the Canteen and BBQ are a massive fundraiser for us and keep our fees down each and every year.

Whilst you are performing your duty you are not to be on your phone or taking photos etc. You also must not be cheering on athletes whilst on duty. Teams can/will be disqualified if this happens.

If you do not show up for your duty, your child will be scratched from all future events for the weekend. You will also put your spot in danger for all future Region/State events, future Cranbourne events, and Cranbourne season awards.

Relay Teams

If on a phone, please rotate to see full teams

Use the search box below
to find your child’s events

Age GroupEvent/TeamAthlete 1Athlete 2Athlete 3Athlete 4
U9 Girls4x100 ANamo PJemma KMelody MMehar Kaur S
U9 Girls4x100 BAlexa PJapleen Kaur SCharlotte MAnnabelle T
U9 Girls4x200 ACharlotte MJapleen Kaur SMelody MMehar Kaur S
U9 Girls4x200 BNamo PJemma KPayton WAnnabelle T
U9 GirlsMedley AJemma K (100)Annabelle T (300)Charlotte M (200)Mehar Kaur S (400)
U9 GirlsMedley BAlexa P (100)Payton W (300)Melody M (200)Japleen Kaur S (400)
U9 Boys4x100 AZanda DNixon PHarlen LFatehdeep S
U9 Boys4x100 BLorenzo CJackson ORafael CNate F
U9 Boys4x200 AZanda DNixon PHarlen LFatehdeep S
U9 Boys4x200 BRiaan Singh SJackson ORafael CNoah J
U9 BoysMedley AHarlen L (100)Nixon P (300)Noah J (200)Fatehdeep S (400)
U9 BoysMedley BLorenzo C (100)Jackson O (300)Riaan Singh S (200)Zanda D (400)
U9 Mixed4x100 AMelody MJemma KHarlen LFatehdeep S
U9 Mixed4x100 BAlexa PPayton WLorenzo CNoah J
U9 Mixed4x200 ANamo PJapleen Kaur SJackson ORiaan Singh S
U10 Girls4x100Sieanna TAlabeka LScarlet WGrace B
U10 Girls4x200Heidi PGrace BSieanna TAlabeka L
U10 GirlsMedleyEvelynn R (100)Heidi P (300)Sieanna T (200)Grace B (400)
U10 Boys4x100Saahib Singh MCarter WGregory KSnaver Singh M
U10 Boys4x200Snaver Singh MCarter WGregory KJack G
U10 BoysMedleySaahib Singh M (100)Carter W (300)Jack G (200)Snaver Singh M (400)
U10 Mixed4x100 AScarlet WAlabeka LGregory KCarter W
U10 Mixed4x100 BEvelynn RGrace BJack GSaahib Singh M
U10 Mixed4x200 ASieanna THeidi PSnaver Singh MGregory K
U10 Mixed4x200 BEvelynn RJack GSaahib Singh MScarlet W
U11 Girls4x100 AElodie TAmber BZara MGrace H
U11 Girls4x100 BDihasa MElliana BMadalee WRuby M
U11 Girls4x200 ARuby MAmber BZara MGrace H
U11 Girls4x200 BCharli JElliana BHolly LElodie T
U11 GirlsMedley AElodie T (100)Zara M (300)Amber B (200)Grace H (400)
U11 GirlsMedley BCharli J (100)Elliana B (300)Madalee W (200)Ruby M (400)
U11 Boys4x100 ATansahib SBrodie WSione MLucas P
U11 Boys4x100 BLachlan NBrandon TLuka JRugved C
U11 Boys4x200 ATansahib SLucas PSione MBrodie W
U11 Boys4x200 BLachlan NLuka JBrandon TRugved C
U11 BoysMedley ATansahib S (100)Sione M (300)Lucas P (200)Brodie W (400)
U11 Mixed4x100 AGrace HBrodie WZara MLucas P
U11 Mixed4x100 BHolly LDihasa MBrandon TRugved C
U11 Mixed4x200 ADihasa MMadalee WSione MTansahib S
U11 Mixed4x200 BLachlan NCharli JLuka JHolly L
U12 Girls4x100 AJaydah-Rose TAddy FRamona SSienna F
U12 Girls4x100 BAshnaaz Kaur DVrinda SMadison MMadelyn T
U12 Girls4x200 AJaydah-Rose TAddy FSienna FBillie G
U12 Girls4x200 BMadison MRamona SVrinda SMadelyn T
U12 GirlsMedley AJaydah-Rose T (100)Addy F (300)Ramona S (200)Sienna F (400)
U12 GirlsMedley BAshnaaz Kaur D (100)Madelyn T (300)Madison M (200)Vrinda S (400)
U12 Boys4x100Thomas LLucas KCordell DFergus T
U12 Boys4x200Lucas KAlexander PThomas LFergus T
U12 BoysMedleyShevon G (100)Alexander P (300)Lucas K (200)Fergus T (400)
U12 Mixed4x100 AAddy FBillie GLucas KFergus T
U12 Mixed4x100 BAshnaaz Kaur DSienna FShevon GCordell D
U12 Mixed4x200 AJaydah-Rose TVrinda SThomas LAlexander P
U12 Mixed4x200 BShevon GCordell DMadelyn TAshnaaz Kaur D
U13 Girls4x100Ainsleigh SSehasa M Billie G (U12)Summer B
U13 GirlsMedleySehasa M (100)Billie G (300) U12Ainsleigh S (200)Summer B (400)
U13 Boys4x100 AJava LHasamar SCaleb NZane B
U13 Boys4x100 BThomas PArnav PAgam Singh PGursehaj S
U13 Boys4x200 AZane BArnav PGursehaj SJava L
U13 Boys4x200 BThomas PDomenik PJarrod CAgam Singh P
U13 BoysMedley AZane B (100)Caleb N (300)Hasamar S (200)Java L (400)
U13 BoysMedley BJarrod C (100)Domenik P (300)Gursehaj S (200)Thomas P (400)
U13 Mixed4x100 Ainsleigh SSehasa MCaleb NHasamar S
U13 Mixed4x200 Madison M (U12)Ramona S (U12)Arnav PAgam Singh P
U14 Girls4x100Daisy ZZoe BIllara KSamreen S
U14 Girls4x200 AAinsleigh S (U13)Illara KSehasa M (U13)Summer B (U13)
U14 Girls4x200 BRuhani VSamreen SDaisy ZZoe B
U14 GirlsMedleyZoe B (100)Ruhani V (300)Samreen S (200)Illara K (400)
U14 Boys4x100Stefan GHao Zhi HEzekiel HDeclan M
U14 Boys4x200Stefan GEzekiel HEmerson OHao Zhi H
U14 BoysMedleyEmerson O (100)Hao Zhi H (300)Ezekiel H (200)Declan M (400)
U14 Mixed4x100 AIllara K Declan MSummer B (U12)Hao Zhi H
U14 Mixed4x100 BEmerson OZoe BDaisy ZStefan G
U14 Mixed4x200Samreen SEzekiel HRuhani VDeclan M
U15 Girls4x100Caitlyn GMelody DMikayla GJasmine K
U15 Girls4x200Jasmine KMikayla GCaitlyn GMelody D
U15 GirlsMedleyCaitlyn G (100)Melody D (300)Jasmine K (200)Mikayla G (400)
U15 Boys4x100Ben CLiam SEthan MJamie O
U15 Boys4x200Ben CLiam SEthan MJamie O
U15 BoysMedleyBen C (100)Liam S (300)Ethan M (200)Jamie O (400
U15 Mixed4x100Mikayla GLiam SEthan MMelody D
U16 Girls4x100Jordyn PShayla WShae CGiselle R
U16 Girls4x200Giselle RShayla WJordyn PShae C
U16 GirlsMedleyJordyn P (100)Shae C (300)Giselle R (200)Shayla W (400)
U17 Girls4x100Ella CRuby VImaya RRucha C
U17 Girls4x200Ruby VImaya RElla CRucha C
U17 GirlsMedleyElla C (100)Rucha C (300)Ruby V (200)Imaya R (400)
Multi Class4x100Lucas CTeegan JGCR TeamGCR Team
Multi Class4x200Lucas CTeegan JGCR TeamGCR Team

The section committee this season consisted of –

Adam Bocor (Head Coach)
Dean McCaughan (Vice President)
Lisa Black (Region and State Team Manager/Coach)
Jacob Damman (Assistant Region and State Team Manager/Coach)
Pieter Greyling (Coach)
Michelle Frenken (Coach)
Dave Kohl (Coach)

Teams were selected as per the selection guidelines.


Please ensure all athletes have the full Cranbourne uniform – if you do not have the full uniform your child will not be allowed to compete.
This includes
– Royal Blue Shorts with NO Pockets, No Patterns or Non-approved logos.
– Under Garments (leggings etc) must be either royal blue, beige, white or plain black, with NO logos or no Patterns (this includes such as a Nike Tick or 2xu leggins)
– Coles patch SEWN on, above the LAVic logo on the athlete’s shirt.
– 2023/24 Commonwealth Bank name patch.

Progression to Commonwealth Bank State Relays Championships

The Commonwealth Bank Region Relays Carnivals are the sole qualification method for teams wishing to compete at the Commonwealth Bank State Relays Championships. No direct entries are accepted for the State Relays Championships.

For all events in each of the U9 to U17 age groups, the winning team at each Regional Carnival will qualify for the State Championships with the remaining available places allocated to the next fastest teams regardless of Region.

The number of teams qualifying for each event will be as follows

• 4 x 100m (U9-U15) – 7 Region Winners + next 17 fastest teams (24 in total)

• 4 x 100m (U16-U17) – 7 Region Winners + next 9 fastest teams (16 in total)

• 4 x 200m (U9-U17) – 7 Region Winners + next 9 fastest teams (16 in total)

• Swedish Medley (U9-U17) – 7 Region Winners + next 9 fastest teams (16 in total)

For Multi-Class Relays, the fastest 16 converted times (using Baseline Tables) for each Age Group Type (U9-U10, U11-U12 & U13-U17) in each event (MT 4 x 100m and MT 4 x 200m) will qualify for the State Championships.

All events at both the Region and State Relays are Timed Finals/finals only and seeding at State Championships is based on performance at Region Relays Carnivals.

Please note: there will be no costs to progress through to state relays – there will be a LAVIC state relay shirt you are able to purchase before the event.


There will be medals handed out to the top three teams in each event.
Please remember that when there are 2 or more timed finals it is the top three times from BOTH finals combined – not the top 3 from each timed final.

The presentations will take place in the high jump area – see the map below

Parents and Young Athletes Relay

On the day, through the lunch break, there will be a chance for a parent’s relay and a toddlers/young athlete relay, please take notice on the day for further information.

A great chance for parents and siblings to get out for a run!

Addition Information




If anyone needs any additional information please contact Lisa Black (State Team Manager) on the centre events phone – 0472 624 384

Good luck to everyone competing and do your best


Tuesday, 23 May 2023 / Published in Season2324

At the moment we are in our winter cross-country season. This see’s athletes running off the track through parks, puddles and up hills.

The main Track and Field season runs from October – March.

We compete on a Saturday morning with optional training one-two days a week.

If you are interested in cross-country let us know and we can share more details.

Or if the track and field season is more what you are after, you can sign up below and we can send you more information when we get closer to October.