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Acceptable Use

When using our social media channels, please ensure that you:

  • Protect your personal privacy and that of others by not including personal information about yourself or others in your posts to our social media channels (for example, email addresses, private addresses or phone numbers);
  • Represent your own views and not impersonate or falsely represent any other person;
  • Keep your posts relevant to Little Athletics;
  • Are not abusive and do not harass or threaten others;
  • Do not make defamatory comments;
  • Do not use insulting, provocative or hateful language;
  • Do not use obscene or offensive language;
  • Do not post material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others;
  • Do not post multiple versions of the same view or make excessive postings on a particular issue;
  • Do not promote commercial interests in your posts;
  • Do not include harmful or offensive internet addresses or links to websites, or any email addresses in your posts.

Participants may face disciplinary action for sending inappropriate electronic communication or posting online content or comments that harass, offend, intimidate or humiliate another participant.

Right to Remove Posts and Block Offenders

Cranbourne Little Athletics Committee may remove any posted messages that it considers to be in breach of this policy and will block repeat offenders.


  • Photographs taken by the Cranbourne Little Athletics photographers of a child or yourself in attendance at a Cranbourne Little Athletics Event/Program, may be utilised for any legal/appropriate purpose.
  • Cranbourne Little Athletics photographers must be approved by the Committee and hold a current Working with Children’s Check.
  • Only approved Berwick Little Athletics photographers should be taking photos on the inside the athletics track.
  • Such photographs may be published in any medium and may be labelled with the name of the person/s in the photograph and the event at which the photograph was taken.
  • Parents and spectators are permitted to take photos from outside the track area.
  • If you do not want Cranbourne Little Athletics to post photos of children on social media, please advise in writing to

When using photos on social media channels, please ensure that you:

  • Avoid naming the full name of the child.
  • Avoid displaying personal information such as residential address, email address or telephone numbers if images are being posted on websites or distributed in publications.
  • Do not display information about hobbies, likes/dislikes, school, etc. as this information has the potential to be used as grooming tools by pedophiles or other persons.
  • Only use appropriate images of the child, relevant to the sport or activity, and ensure that the athlete/child is suitably clothed. Images of athletes participating in sports or activities that involve minimal clothing or unusual body positions/poses could potentially be misused.
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Hi everyone,

Week one is now officially completed. The committee worked hard to ensure we were set up safely, ready for the challenges and the athletes could still have fun. The General committee met on Tuesday night and discussed what worked well and areas we need to improve as a club in order for us to meet our COVID obligations and some updates have been made.  Whilst these may change again depending on LAVIC and Govt. announcements, changes for this Saturday include;

COVID-19 Officers

Unfortunately we are unable to run the event without the required number of COVID Officers. We require COVID Officers in designated areas whose role is to primarily make sure the area isn’t congested, spot and equipment sanitisation is happening and in the case of entry gate- ensure everyone is signing in either manually with the QR code.

Sign up is below and please see Holger Philipp if you are a COVID-19 Officer and he will direct you on the day.

We have bright coloured Covid Officer vests on order which will make the officers easily identifiable. In the meantime until the order arrives we will use plain bright yellow vests to identify these roles. 


We have had to change the system how we serve, however the lack of help in the canteen especially ,as it is always left to a few people stuck in there all morning. Every bit helps and we try to break the  shift times so we can all see our children. Whilst the canteen is our only ongoing revenue source for our club, we do not want to be in a position where we have to close the canteen due to lack of volunteers.

Below is the link where you can sign up. Please see Bernie our canteen manager on the day.

Entry/ Exit

It is ENTRY ONLY at the usual main gate.

It is EXIT ONLY at Gate 2. Gate 2 is where the 200 meters would normally start. This will be highlighted more clearly from this week onwards. It a little further walk, however it is a requirement for us to have two separate points


There will be much more signage around the track to helping to guide and direct you around the track, entry/exit points

Traffic Flow

The registrations area/uniform as well as the canteen areas is one way only with a limited number of people allowed in the area.

Along the fence in front of the grandstand is a pathway. Please limit your time there so that people may pass and traffic can flow easily. You will be ask to move if you are spending too much time there.


As the weather warms up and to help with traffic congestion, the grandstand is a great place to watch. Just a reminder to stay within your family groups and distance yourself from others.


Whilst we ask that all of our members wear a mask, we understand that some people have medical reason not to wear a mask. some people may be more susceptible than others and are concerned for their own health. Please be mindful of others around you and move to an area all of us are comfortable with and can still enjoy the athletics.  If you require a mask, we sell them with the Cranbourne logo for $10 in the uniform shop.

New Families

We welcome all new families who have joined us this season – amongst all of the changes due to Covid-19 we still want to highly prioritise welcoming you and your family and helping you orientate and settle into our club. This is going to be a wonderful season! Please speak to a member of the committee (wearing cranbourne polo tops) if you had any questions or just to say hi and introduce yourself.

Thank you and here’s to another fun and safe Saturday

Wednesday, 18 November 2020 / Published in PICTURES
Wednesday, 18 November 2020 / Published in PICTURES
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We have finally made it to Week One 2020! Here are a few updates on what will be happening this Saturday. Some of these may be subject to change as we try these out to see what works and what doesn’t.  Any feedback is always appreciated.

Any athlete or member of the community who is unwell should stay home. Any positive tests for Covid-19 need to be reported to the centre committee ASAP

Athlete Registrations

The online registration portal is now open. We ask all members to please register before Saturday to help with the congestion of people
You can register now via the link on our website

The Registrations team will also be set up outside the clubrooms this year.

If you are a TRIAL athlete you also need to register online for your trial. You can do this on the link below

COVID Officers

In order to run our events, we require dedicated COVID officers. Without enough COVID officers we are not permitted to run events, or the BBQ/Canteen and so on and therefore require parent helpers. The role of the COVID officer is to ensure their area is COVID Safe. That might mean things like ensuring people in the area are distancing correctly and wearing masks, sanitisation station is full, sanitise area as required.


Athletes aged 12 and up (including parents, and volunteers) are required to wear a face mask at all times with the exception being in the field of play when the athlete is competing in their event (ie during their race, during their jump or throw)

Parent Helpers

Given the extra work the COVID guidelines require us to do in order to run our events, we still require some more parent helpers. Especially for the BBQ and Canteen, without parent helpers we will be forced to close the BBQ and Canteen, as well as possibly cancel events.

Parent helpers are now required to stay with their group and unfortunately can no longer jump and help other groups. Those with multiple children, the suggestion has been to alternate parent help between the age groups on each of the Saturdays.

You can sign up below for all the parent helper roles


To help with congestion and flow, the Main Gate is now entry ONLY.  You can exit to the track at Gate 2 next to the 200m starting line (see map attached)

Should you need to leave the premises for longer than 15 mins you will be asked to sign in again upon entry.

Checking In

All Families will need to check-in for COVID tracing upon arrival via an online form. This is available via a QR Code at the front gate and a link that will be sent out on Saturday morning so you can do it quickly when you arrive.

We will also have a manual sign-in sheet for those who prefer to sign in that way.

Please Note: Parents/guardians supervising children, athletes, officials, Covid Safe Officers, and volunteers only are considered essential for conducting competition. At this stage people who don’t have one of these roles and just wish to spectate aren’t allowed with the current restrictions.


To avoid congestion around the Uniform shop, we ask that you purchase all uniform needs online before Saturday.
They can be purchased via Team App

Uniforms can be picked up during events on Saturday mornings. We understand that not all athletes will have their uniforms ready in the first few weeks and will allow a grace period until their uniforms can be collected.

Clubroom Upper Deck Access

There is strictly no clubroom or upper deck access unless authorised by Casey Council


Each event area will have a sanitization station and a COVID Officer,  the Covid Officer will oversee a number of activities within an allocated area. Without these, we will be in the unfortunate position of having to cancel the event.  Events must only be in groups of 10, not including age group team leaders and helpers. This may mean we need to split some age groups into these numbers. Athletes are now required to carry their own jumpers, water bottles, etc… as trolleys can no longer be used for this so please label everything very clearly should it be lost. Backpacks have been suggested for the athletes to carry with them whilst they undertake an event for their personal items.

All throwing equipment will be wipes down after each throw with sanitzer

Athletes are required to sanitise hands after using shared equipment and after all jumps


Marshalling will now be done on the field. More to come on exactly how this process will take place, however there will naturally be a limited number of adults at this point. This area will be for Parent Helpers (wearing vests) and athletes only.

First Aid/Coffee Van

St Johns will be positioned in the same position as previous seasons and the all-important Coffee van will be located just outside the main gate. Please be aware this is subject to change as we trial the best area for manage traffic flow and as the Victorian Government guidelines permit.

Season 2020/21 Program

The 2020/21season program has been changed slightly. Given all that is going on, we are now unfortunately unable to incorporate Champs Day, Meteorite Gift, and CLA vs Pakenham Day.

Last season trophies & Training

We are reviewing how best to commence training and the handing out of last season’s trophies and will these most likely commence after the next Victorian Government announcement expected on the 22nd November.

2020/21 Handbook

Obviously with the delayed start of the season, as well as restrictions changing our handbook wont be available straight away. We endeavour to have this out as soon as possible.

For up to date information please join our member’s groups below
Facebook Members Group:
Team App:


Sunday, 25 October 2020 / Published in Latest News

The Executive Committee has been working with LAVic with regards to how the 2020/21 season can effectively be run.  Whilst we are heavily dependent on the Victorian Government roadmap and timelines, the Executive Committee has been preparing should an announcement to commence the new season happen soon.

We are preparing as if a season would commence early November.

With the reduced season the Committee has unanimously decide to reduce membership fees to $125 per athlete – $82 being the LAVic compulsory component.  We have therefore reduced our component by 50% to $43 per athlete.

The season will still include all the major components such as Relays, Combined, and State Track and Field and as always, the fees also include Cross Country.  Once the season is permitted to go ahead, LAVIC will open registrations, so watch this space.

In addition, this season will undoubtedly be run differently, and we will require more helpers on the day to ensure we meet our OHS obligations.

With that in mind, we have developed a Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre COVID Plan and includes dedicated COVID Officers at each event.  We are unable to run events without a COVID plan and dedicated COVID Officers.  This means extra helpers to ensure our COVID procedures are strictly followed.  This includes things such as, but not limited to.

  • separate entry/exit points,
  • signing into the ground,
  • sanitisation stations around the track,
  • the wearing of masks,
  • limited access to the clubrooms
  • and how food/uniforms/on the day registrations. Engraving will be managed

There are severe fines and consequences if these procedures are not strictly followed.  The COVID plan will be made available for all once approved by LAVIC.

The program and handbook are also in their final stages, however, please be aware they are subject to change given the circumstances so please keep active on our members site for updates as they happen.

Finally, our preparation and stability, means we are in a good place to get another, fun and exciting Athletics season underway.  To makes this season another success please consider helping.   We will use the Sign-up Genius Program to help book helpers in advance as best as possible, however, to reiterate this season more than any other, simply won’t be able to run without extra helpers to meet our obligations. This is on top of our current needs of Starters, Gate Operators and general help we need each week to run efficiently.

All this is simply another challenge for our Club, one I know we are definitely up for! I really look forward to seeing you all again, face to face, on the track, in the very near future.

Go Team Cranbourne!

Thursday, 03 September 2020 / Published in Latest News


We are holding Expressions of Interest (EOI) for our FIRST EVER Youth Council at Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre! This would be the first of its kind in Victoria! We would love to hear from you! Take a read to see what is involved.

What is the Youth Council?

We are looking for current athletes of Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre (12-16 years old) who would like to be involved in our Youth Council. The Youth Council will meet during the season through a combination of in person and online forums to get important feedback and ideas. You can be as involved as you want! Alongside the meetings some members might like to also run a project, or even be mentored by a member of the committee to get some vital work/industry experience.

What else could it involve?

  • Provides a forum for our athletes to highlight issues, needs and aspirations important to them and relevant to Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre
  • Provide advice and suggestions to the executive team regarding issues affecting athletes.
  • Increase social connections with peers, family and adults.
  • Initiate programs to help in the development of athletes at Cranbourne Athletics Centre.
  • Work on ideas to welcome new athletes into our centre
  • Contribute to our social media
  • Have a say on special events you would like to see us run

Why should I be part of a Youth Council?

There are heaps of benefits including:

  • develop invaluable skills and gain experiences that will help you be successful now and, in your future,
  • enjoy working towards positive change in the club and community and around issues that you are passionate about
  • learn more about other people in the club and community
  • open new social opportunities
  • have some fun!!!

Sound good? Need more information?

For general questions feel free to contact Holger or Dean, or email or contact us on Social Media to register your interest. Make sure you chat about it with your parents, as we will need them to give their thumbs up for you to be involved.

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President’s Update – July 22nd, 2020


No one could have anticipated what this year was about to bring. Only three months in and 2020 suddenly became all about canceling trips and events and social distancing. 

We had to quickly learn to navigate simple things like working from home, protecting loved ones, getting supplies and staying connected to friends in a very different way than we are used to. 

Everyday all we hear is cases and numbers rising so, it is also more important than ever to find moments of joy just as it is to wash and sanitize our hands, practice social distancing, or check in on your loved ones.

So, with all that in mind, the committee has come up with a number of exciting ideas we like to undertake over the next few months, (restrictions pending of course) to keep us connected, fit, happy and healthy and remind us what a great inclusive club we are! 

We would like to trail a virtual Little Aths for those that would like to participate over the month of August. Details and how exactly we would run this, including how to join will be posted in the next week or so. 

We would also like to do have a kid’s day at Sk8 house in Carrum Downs, where they can enjoy time with all their friends and simply have fun. Naturally, this depends on restrictions easing, but it’s a great way to say connected before the season commences. 

The kids aren’t the only ones who will have all the fun. Plans are being discussed about a Golf Day and a Shopping Tour for those that are interested. 

Dates and costs for all these will all be posted as details emerge.

COVID isn’t the be and end-all, and whilst we are limited in physically spending time with friends and family, spare a thought for Wally because suddenly he’s not that hard to find! 

Take care and stay safe


Tuesday, 26 May 2020 / Published in Latest News
Tuesday, 26 May 2020 / Published in Latest News

Thank you to all those who are attending online. I’m sure we will all have Zoom fatigue once all this is over!

What a crazy year! Bushfires, floods, air pollution, and now the coronavirus! All these have really created havoc this season and stretched some of our decision making, but despite all this, there is some good news.

I am pleased to report that that the club overall is in great health – both on and off the track. Not only are we financially stable, but at the same time, we have implemented ways to secure new revenue which help shape and set up our club.

On the track we have 312 members and this year we have had considerable team and individual success at both Regionals and State events. Simply a fantastic effort by all athletes. Well done to all!

We invested in an accounting program, purchased a Point of Sale System for the canteen and the uniform shop, which importantly linked them together so that our accounts could be better recorded and managed simply by having an exact understanding of our stock on hand.  We now can order better and spend money where it needs to be spent at the right time.

We invested in One Drive, a portal where we can store all our electronic documents, not only for our records but also setting a place for our policies and processes in place for future members.  We replaced all the older canteen equipment including new BBQs, Eskys and other cookware that we all take for granted on a Saturday meet.

Finally, we were able to purchase our own engraving machine. All these purchases mark a significant shift in trying to be a self-sufficient club.

In addition to this, our Sponsorship and Grant application strategy shifted this year and we literally reaped the benefits allowing the club to purchase new equipment.

Sponsorship Highlights include:

  • Introduction of a new Platinum level Sponsor Cranbourne Pest Control
  • An increase from 4 to 7 Major Sponsors this season
  • Increased cash revenue from Major Sponsors of $3700 for this season compared to last.
  • All lanes sponsored for Meteorite Gift
  • Ongoing vouchers contributed by sponsors for our athletes from Grill’d, Zagames & the Pancake Parlour.

Total sponsorship financial value to the club for this season was $8500.

Grant Highlights: Successful in winning three grants for the club this season valuing $3874.72 which was used to purchase new equipment.

Total financial contribution to Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre from Grants & Sponsorships for 2019/2020 is $12,374.72.

These are some of the bigger examples of the work undertaken by the Committee this year and it doesn’t stop there. In plans for next year include the restructuring of the Special Events Committee and their goals including events we are planning for now. One such event is a Community Fun Run. The intention is that this Fun Run will increase our club’s exposure to the broader community, whilst also bringing in funds and potentially new members from the broader community who may not even know we exist.

Increasing tech in our club will continue through the iPad project and recording and uploading results directly into them rather than on paper, and we are currently discussing how to level up our Multi-Class program and we are in discussions with a high profile current para Olympian to be our Multi-Class Ambassador.

As you can see there have been lots going on in the background this year, with equally lots in the planning phase for next year and your membership has been vital in helping achieve these.

So, with all that effort this year please let me acknowledge the tireless work of this year’s Executive Committee who have performed their club duties and allowed the club to function with such smoothness whilst still attending to the activities of their regular day jobs:

  • Nina O’Dea (who is stepping down) has performed amazingly in the pivotal role of club Secretary over the past few years, as well as taking on so many little projects and absolutely smashed them
  • Gail Clappers who aside from being club Treasurer, has been Program Manager and Announcer and dedication week in week out is second to none
  • Mark Sullivan – jack of all athletics trades and seemingly a master of all, is the club’s Vice President & Region/State Team manager
  • Matt Warwick – Simply Head Coach extraordinaire
  • Dean McCaughan- our Sponsorships and Grants Officer and a key sounding board for issues and ideas within the club and,
  • Ross Thompson- whose considered insight to discussions has been enormous, is the club’s Registrar.

In addition, we have the rest of the general Committee to thank, as without all of this help the club it would not be as successful as it is, nor function as well as it does. However, whilst all of these people have done a sterling job, the club is always in search of new volunteers. This is to not only replace existing personnel but to re-invigorate the Committee with new opinions and ideas. The Committee is a very welcoming group of individuals and will gladly help you transition into a new role. Please consider a role on the committee for the coming season.

Finally, I would like to thank each one of you for making my experience in my role on the Committee a really pleasant and enjoyable one.