Week One 2020

We have finally made it to Week One 2020! Here are a few updates on what will be happening this Saturday. Some of these may be subject to change as we try these out to see what works and what doesn’t.  Any feedback is always appreciated.

Any athlete or member of the community who is unwell should stay home. Any positive tests for Covid-19 need to be reported to the centre committee ASAP

Athlete Registrations

The online registration portal is now open. We ask all members to please register before Saturday to help with the congestion of people
You can register now via the link on our website

The Registrations team will also be set up outside the clubrooms this year.

If you are a TRIAL athlete you also need to register online for your trial. You can do this on the link below

COVID Officers

In order to run our events, we require dedicated COVID officers. Without enough COVID officers we are not permitted to run events, or the BBQ/Canteen and so on and therefore require parent helpers. The role of the COVID officer is to ensure their area is COVID Safe. That might mean things like ensuring people in the area are distancing correctly and wearing masks, sanitisation station is full, sanitise area as required.


Athletes aged 12 and up (including parents, and volunteers) are required to wear a face mask at all times with the exception being in the field of play when the athlete is competing in their event (ie during their race, during their jump or throw)

Parent Helpers

Given the extra work the COVID guidelines require us to do in order to run our events, we still require some more parent helpers. Especially for the BBQ and Canteen, without parent helpers we will be forced to close the BBQ and Canteen, as well as possibly cancel events.

Parent helpers are now required to stay with their group and unfortunately can no longer jump and help other groups. Those with multiple children, the suggestion has been to alternate parent help between the age groups on each of the Saturdays.

You can sign up below for all the parent helper roles https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080e4eaca923a3fa7-cranbourne1


To help with congestion and flow, the Main Gate is now entry ONLY.  You can exit to the track at Gate 2 next to the 200m starting line (see map attached)

Should you need to leave the premises for longer than 15 mins you will be asked to sign in again upon entry.

Checking In

All Families will need to check-in for COVID tracing upon arrival via an online form. This is available via a QR Code at the front gate and a link that will be sent out on Saturday morning so you can do it quickly when you arrive.

We will also have a manual sign-in sheet for those who prefer to sign in that way.

Please Note: Parents/guardians supervising children, athletes, officials, Covid Safe Officers, and volunteers only are considered essential for conducting competition. At this stage people who don’t have one of these roles and just wish to spectate aren’t allowed with the current restrictions.


To avoid congestion around the Uniform shop, we ask that you purchase all uniform needs online before Saturday.
They can be purchased via Team App https://cranbournelittleathleticsclub.teamapp.com/clubs/2392/store?_list=v1

Uniforms can be picked up during events on Saturday mornings. We understand that not all athletes will have their uniforms ready in the first few weeks and will allow a grace period until their uniforms can be collected.

Clubroom Upper Deck Access

There is strictly no clubroom or upper deck access unless authorised by Casey Council


Each event area will have a sanitization station and a COVID Officer,  the Covid Officer will oversee a number of activities within an allocated area. Without these, we will be in the unfortunate position of having to cancel the event.  Events must only be in groups of 10, not including age group team leaders and helpers. This may mean we need to split some age groups into these numbers. Athletes are now required to carry their own jumpers, water bottles, etc… as trolleys can no longer be used for this so please label everything very clearly should it be lost. Backpacks have been suggested for the athletes to carry with them whilst they undertake an event for their personal items.

All throwing equipment will be wipes down after each throw with sanitzer

Athletes are required to sanitise hands after using shared equipment and after all jumps


Marshalling will now be done on the field. More to come on exactly how this process will take place, however there will naturally be a limited number of adults at this point. This area will be for Parent Helpers (wearing vests) and athletes only.

First Aid/Coffee Van

St Johns will be positioned in the same position as previous seasons and the all-important Coffee van will be located just outside the main gate. Please be aware this is subject to change as we trial the best area for manage traffic flow and as the Victorian Government guidelines permit.

Season 2020/21 Program

The 2020/21season program has been changed slightly. Given all that is going on, we are now unfortunately unable to incorporate Champs Day, Meteorite Gift, and CLA vs Pakenham Day.

Last season trophies & Training

We are reviewing how best to commence training and the handing out of last season’s trophies and will these most likely commence after the next Victorian Government announcement expected on the 22nd November.

2020/21 Handbook

Obviously with the delayed start of the season, as well as restrictions changing our handbook wont be available straight away. We endeavour to have this out as soon as possible.

For up to date information please join our member’s groups below
Facebook Members Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/clac59
Team App: https://cranbournelittleathleticsclub.teamapp.com/


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