Social media and Photography policy

Acceptable Use

When using our social media channels, please ensure that you:

  • Protect your personal privacy and that of others by not including personal information about yourself or others in your posts to our social media channels (for example, email addresses, private addresses or phone numbers);
  • Represent your own views and not impersonate or falsely represent any other person;
  • Keep your posts relevant to Little Athletics;
  • Are not abusive and do not harass or threaten others;
  • Do not make defamatory comments;
  • Do not use insulting, provocative or hateful language;
  • Do not use obscene or offensive language;
  • Do not post material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others;
  • Do not post multiple versions of the same view or make excessive postings on a particular issue;
  • Do not promote commercial interests in your posts;
  • Do not include harmful or offensive internet addresses or links to websites, or any email addresses in your posts.

Participants may face disciplinary action for sending inappropriate electronic communication or posting online content or comments that harass, offend, intimidate or humiliate another participant.

Right to Remove Posts and Block Offenders

Cranbourne Little Athletics Committee may remove any posted messages that it considers to be in breach of this policy and will block repeat offenders.


  • Photographs taken by the Cranbourne Little Athletics photographers of a child or yourself in attendance at a Cranbourne Little Athletics Event/Program, may be utilised for any legal/appropriate purpose.
  • Cranbourne Little Athletics photographers must be approved by the Committee and hold a current Working with Children’s Check.
  • Only approved Berwick Little Athletics photographers should be taking photos on the inside the athletics track.
  • Such photographs may be published in any medium and may be labelled with the name of the person/s in the photograph and the event at which the photograph was taken.
  • Parents and spectators are permitted to take photos from outside the track area.
  • If you do not want Cranbourne Little Athletics to post photos of children on social media, please advise in writing to

When using photos on social media channels, please ensure that you:

  • Avoid naming the full name of the child.
  • Avoid displaying personal information such as residential address, email address or telephone numbers if images are being posted on websites or distributed in publications.
  • Do not display information about hobbies, likes/dislikes, school, etc. as this information has the potential to be used as grooming tools by pedophiles or other persons.
  • Only use appropriate images of the child, relevant to the sport or activity, and ensure that the athlete/child is suitably clothed. Images of athletes participating in sports or activities that involve minimal clothing or unusual body positions/poses could potentially be misused.

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