2019/20 Presidents Report

Thank you to all those who are attending online. I’m sure we will all have Zoom fatigue once all this is over!

What a crazy year! Bushfires, floods, air pollution, and now the coronavirus! All these have really created havoc this season and stretched some of our decision making, but despite all this, there is some good news.

I am pleased to report that that the club overall is in great health – both on and off the track. Not only are we financially stable, but at the same time, we have implemented ways to secure new revenue which help shape and set up our club.

On the track we have 312 members and this year we have had considerable team and individual success at both Regionals and State events. Simply a fantastic effort by all athletes. Well done to all!

We invested in an accounting program, purchased a Point of Sale System for the canteen and the uniform shop, which importantly linked them together so that our accounts could be better recorded and managed simply by having an exact understanding of our stock on hand.  We now can order better and spend money where it needs to be spent at the right time.

We invested in One Drive, a portal where we can store all our electronic documents, not only for our records but also setting a place for our policies and processes in place for future members.  We replaced all the older canteen equipment including new BBQs, Eskys and other cookware that we all take for granted on a Saturday meet.

Finally, we were able to purchase our own engraving machine. All these purchases mark a significant shift in trying to be a self-sufficient club.

In addition to this, our Sponsorship and Grant application strategy shifted this year and we literally reaped the benefits allowing the club to purchase new equipment.

Sponsorship Highlights include:

  • Introduction of a new Platinum level Sponsor Cranbourne Pest Control
  • An increase from 4 to 7 Major Sponsors this season
  • Increased cash revenue from Major Sponsors of $3700 for this season compared to last.
  • All lanes sponsored for Meteorite Gift
  • Ongoing vouchers contributed by sponsors for our athletes from Grill’d, Zagames & the Pancake Parlour.

Total sponsorship financial value to the club for this season was $8500.

Grant Highlights: Successful in winning three grants for the club this season valuing $3874.72 which was used to purchase new equipment.

Total financial contribution to Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre from Grants & Sponsorships for 2019/2020 is $12,374.72.

These are some of the bigger examples of the work undertaken by the Committee this year and it doesn’t stop there. In plans for next year include the restructuring of the Special Events Committee and their goals including events we are planning for now. One such event is a Community Fun Run. The intention is that this Fun Run will increase our club’s exposure to the broader community, whilst also bringing in funds and potentially new members from the broader community who may not even know we exist.

Increasing tech in our club will continue through the iPad project and recording and uploading results directly into them rather than on paper, and we are currently discussing how to level up our Multi-Class program and we are in discussions with a high profile current para Olympian to be our Multi-Class Ambassador.

As you can see there have been lots going on in the background this year, with equally lots in the planning phase for next year and your membership has been vital in helping achieve these.

So, with all that effort this year please let me acknowledge the tireless work of this year’s Executive Committee who have performed their club duties and allowed the club to function with such smoothness whilst still attending to the activities of their regular day jobs:

  • Nina O’Dea (who is stepping down) has performed amazingly in the pivotal role of club Secretary over the past few years, as well as taking on so many little projects and absolutely smashed them
  • Gail Clappers who aside from being club Treasurer, has been Program Manager and Announcer and dedication week in week out is second to none
  • Mark Sullivan – jack of all athletics trades and seemingly a master of all, is the club’s Vice President & Region/State Team manager
  • Matt Warwick – Simply Head Coach extraordinaire
  • Dean McCaughan- our Sponsorships and Grants Officer and a key sounding board for issues and ideas within the club and,
  • Ross Thompson- whose considered insight to discussions has been enormous, is the club’s Registrar.

In addition, we have the rest of the general Committee to thank, as without all of this help the club it would not be as successful as it is, nor function as well as it does. However, whilst all of these people have done a sterling job, the club is always in search of new volunteers. This is to not only replace existing personnel but to re-invigorate the Committee with new opinions and ideas. The Committee is a very welcoming group of individuals and will gladly help you transition into a new role. Please consider a role on the committee for the coming season.

Finally, I would like to thank each one of you for making my experience in my role on the Committee a really pleasant and enjoyable one.

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