2020 State Combined Results

Well, what a weekend!! We had everything weather-wise from hot and humid to cold and wet and everything in between. That’s Melbourne

We had 33 athletes this year at State Combined and it was an enjoyable weekend for all. To all our athletes, you have done yourselves proud. You have conducted yourselves at a very high standard, each trying to get the most out of yourselves. This was awesome and made me proud to be your Team Manager.

Saturday was a very trying day for all. It was hot and humid and then it turned to cold and wet, tough conditions to compete in. Through all that we had some very satisfying results from our younger athletes:
Declan Maling                    U10 Boys             9th                    

Symone Adelaja                 U9 Girls                13th

Cora Freestone                 U9 Girls                15th

Ezekiel Ham                        U10 Boys             16th

Zion Olaniyan                     U13 Boys             13th

Sunday had completely different weather. The sun was out and it was a perfect 24 degrees. Not as many athletes as Saturday but the same determination by all. We even got a couple of medals today which topped off a great weekend.

A massive congratulations to
Cecillia Agostino               U12 Girls              finished 2nd overall
Josh Sullivan                       U14 Boys             finished 3rd overall

If you get a chance to watch both their 800metres on YouTube please do, they both showed awesome courage to achieve these results.

I would also like to thank all the Parents for their efforts across the weekend in covering our duties and preparing their children for the days events. It makes for an enjoyable day when everyone is working together.

Lastly a massive thankyou to Paul Freestone who is our rock. Thanks Paul your awesome, I don’t tell you enough.

Mark Sullivan
Cranbourne Team Manager


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