CLAC Chronicle 2022/23 – Volume 1


After two years of postponed season starts, we are back to our regular October start – THIS SATURDAY 1st OCTOBER from 8 am!

Our registration numbers and number of trial athletes this year are looking fantastic and we cannot wait to welcome back our re-newing athletes and welcome all new athletes into our Cranbourne Family.

Please remember that if you are a returning athlete, you must have renewed your registration to take part in the 2022/23 Season.

For those that are new to CLAC, our Chronicle is an online newsletter that we will send out every 3-4 weeks with all the updates you need for the next few weeks. Being the first one for the new season, this one is a lot bigger than usual.

2022/23 Registration Patches

Please remember that you will need a new patch for the 2022/23 Season. Last year’s patches will no longer work.

To help get these out quicker, they will be available for pick up at the track this Tuesday and Thursday from 5.30 pm-6.30 pm

Parent Duty Sign Up


Typically, to conduct a Track and Field competition on a weekly basis, CLAC requires between 60-70 parents in a volunteer role.

Throughout the year we do require each family to participate in some type of parent duties, but don’t stress it’s nothing painful or stressful. It gives you the opportunity to be out on the track/in the field assisting the athletes and there is nothing better than the smile on an athlete’s face.

Everyone at Cranbourne Little Athletics is a volunteer to help make our centre run – from the president to the equipment manager, from the head coach to the starter, from the secretary to the announcer.

New and Trial Athletes

We again have a large number of new and trial athletes for this weekend!

When you arrive on Saturday don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help! Our committee members, and even some other parents, will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you have!

Season 22/23 Calendar of Events and Programming.

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This year our Programming Team has worked with an Exercise Physiologist on getting the right events together for each program so athletes aren’t getting “burnt out”.

We are starting off the year with two make-up programs, with 4 events for every age group. The weekly program has been posted on our Facebook Page Event and in TeamApp

Please note: The calendar and weekly programs are subject to change, we will send emails to all members of any calendar/program changes.

Season Handbook

This year we are bringing back our hard copy season handbook. Unfortunately due to some logistics issues, they won’t be available till about weeks 3-4 and will be distributed 1 per family.


Did you know that you can pre-purchase your uniform online?

Click here for the Cranbourne Little Athletics Online Store

Unfortunately, our stock levels are a bit low at the moment, due to a shipping delay, we believe they should be in by week 2, Saturday 8th October. Due to this our uniform shop will not be open this week at training, but it will be open on Saturday.

With the delayed stock, we do not expect athletes to be in full uniform for the first couple of weeks, however, once our stock has arrived we still start issuing warnings to athletes out of full uniform.

Please still try and wear royal blue shorts or a white/royal blue tee if you are awaiting for stock/sizes to arrive.

Training This Year

Starting this week training is back.

For the 2022/23 season, our volunteer coaches will be taking training over three nights. Training is completely optional but it certainly does help your children improve at little athletics.

The desire of each athlete to do the best consists of their willingness to learn whilst having fun and improving fundamental skills in all facets of track and field, whether that be walking, running, jumping, or throwing.

Training Nights – 5.30 pm Start

Tuesday: All Ages Fitness Training
Wednesday: U6-U9 Event Specific Training
Thursday: U10+ Event Specific Training

Multi-Class Athletes are welcome to come down on any of the three nights.

A parent or guardian MUST be present during the entire training session if your child attends.
This is non-negotiable unless extenuating circumstances exist, in which case coaches must be notified. Parents may be required to assist coaches during training sessions. Involving yourself by assisting is encouraged and depending on athlete numbers may be essential to ensure training is run.

Special Event Training (State Events and Relays) will be announced throughout the season

2022/23 LAVic State Combined Events Championships (U9+)

Entries for the first state event for the 2022/23 season are open with the LAVIC State Combined Events Championships taking place in early November.

For event details and to Register click here:

Social Media

Make sure you have liked us on Facebook and followed our Instagram for further updates, pictures, etc… Last Season we won the LAVic Marketing Award for our Social Media presence so be sure to jump on and like our page.

Our weekly photos will again be uploaded straight to our Facebook page! We will aim to have them up within 2-3 Days of the Saturday Competition.

For up-to-date information please join our member groups below

Facebook Members Group:

Team App:


We would once again to thank all our partners for the 2022/23 season.

If you own a local business and would like to partner with Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre, please get in touch with us now.

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