CLAC Chronicle Volume 3

Presidents Welcome

In a year like no other, we have experienced the Committee and I would like to officially welcome you to the 2021/2022 Little Athletics season.

The aim of this season is to have fun, especially after the tough few seasons we have had.

I would like to officially acknowledge and thank the committee for their ongoing work during the offseason and the amount of work to already start this season. The effort and resilience in a time of so much upheaval and uncertainly, has helped put our club in a strong position to continue the success we have enjoyed in the past.

You would have noticed a few changes in the off-season new merchandise for example and there are a few things we will still need to work through; however, I am extremely confident in the abilities of the committee and all those helping behind the scenes to continue working together and making things happen.

The pandemic has continued to create extra processes for our club to adhere to in order for it to run successfully and COVID free.  Sharing the load is more important than ever, and we are strongly encouraging a high level of involvement this year to help with these additional processes.

I encourage our returning and new members to help on event days as often as possible. Remember if we are in the stands we want everyone to get yelling and cheer the athletes on the track!

Athletics season is a great time of year so once again, welcome to the new season and let’s make it a fun, successful and enjoyable one together!

Go team Cranbourne! 

Holger Philipp – CLAC President

Week 4 Notes

This week we are onto Program C, which will see the hurdles on the track for the first time!

START TIMES FOR WEEK 4 (Saturday 4th December)

8.00am Under 8 Boys
8.00am Under 10 Boys
8.00am Under 11 Girls
8.00am U14-16 Boys and Girls
8.30am All other Age Groups

This weeks program may run a little longer as we are still awaiting the return of our Back Straight Timing Gates, so please be patient we will try and move along as quickly as we can.


From this week we will be reintroducing a MARSHALLING AREA!
There will be marquees up behind the 100m start line (as shown in the photo below).

We have decided to do this as we have had a few incidents with having too many people inside the arena.

How will this change?
Your athlete’s age group will be called to the MARSHALLING AREA, then the Age Group leader will lead the athletes onto the track to their event. Athletes will no longer go straight to their event and will not be allowed to enter the arena unless they have been marshalled and called to an event.

From this Saturday, you may only enter the arena if;

  • You are wearing a vest and are helping at an event
  • You are a committee member, or asked by a committee member, performing your assigned tasks
  • You are an athlete at an event after marshalling

Athletes and Parents MUST NOT

  • Be inside the fence line cheering on athletes. All events are viewable from the other side of the fence.
  • Running alongside the athletes doing an event (unless a committee member has asked you to assist)
  • Cross across the middle of the track, ALWAYS use the outside
  • Enter the finish line timing area

We understand there are extreme circumstances, however, we don’t need 15 parents following one age group around. If you want to follow your athlete around, you need to sign up for duty. If you have any questions you can speak to any committee members on competition days, send us a message on Facebook or email the centre –

Parent Duty

Just a reminder that every week we require parent helpers to help make the program run.

Each week our parent duty sign up is posted onto our Facebook Page, TeamApp and Centre Website.

Each duty is allocated a certain amount of points, your family needs to earn points for your children to obtain a trophy at the end of the season.


Uniform and Name Tags

All registered athletes MUST be wearing THIS YEARS registration tag and also be in FULL uniform.

Last year’s registration tags do not scan and will slow down the electronic timing system. Athletes must also be in full uniform, this includes our centre shirt and royal blue shorts. Black, tan or royal blue bike shorts are allowed under uniform shorts. Athletes are not permitted to compete in jumpers or hoodies.


2022 State Combined Event

Registrations are now open for the 2022 State Combined Event.
For more information and to register PLEASE CLICK HERE

Our coaching crew will be running EXCLUSIVE training for those registered in the state combined event! Sign up will be required and the link will be sent to those that are registered for the combined event

Unclaimed 2020/21 Trophies

This Saturday all unclaimed trophies can be claimed from the “Mezzanine” in the middle of the grandstand between 9 am-10 am.

We also have 2019/20 State Relay Trophies that still need to go out to the following athletes: Jess Sullivan, Cora Freestone, Symone Adelaja, Max Khew, Caleb Neil, Java Lauterboom, Chase Miller, Zoe Black, Jayla Disney, Tasha Rodrigo, Emerson O’Dea, Declan Maling, Ezekiel Ham, Liam Sullivan, Devyn Taru, Shayla Warwick, Ruby Cormack, Laliya Kute, Cullen Anderson, Seth Lawler, Zion Olaniyan, Riley Nolan, Jaylin Kallista, Abigail Hine, Isabella Hetherington, Joshua Sullivan, Finely O’Dea, Jeremy Kariuki, Chloe Freestone, Brianna Briet, Marina Cormack

Centre Captains

This year we have introduced centre captains. These athletes have been chosen by our coaching team.

This season our inaugural centre captains have been announced as Finley O’Dea and Keely Freestone.

Fin and Keely are two athlete’s who fit the criteria to a tee. If you come to training you have no doubt seen these two assisting with athletes. They are always hanging around, willing to help and always supporting other athletes. If you see them around be sure to Congratulate them both!


New Centre Records

Over the first two weeks of competition, we have had FOUR centre records already broken! Congratulations to Billie, Illara, Fatehdeep and Israel.

We cannot wait to see more records broken this season, as well as those Personal Best Milestones reached!

To view our centre records click the links below

Billie Greyling U10G Javelin

Illara Kohl U12G 400m

Fatehdeep Singh U7B 300m

Israel-Excellent Olaniyan U13B Discus

Junior Development Squad

Congratulations to Kevin, Illara, Ethan, Ben and Declan on being selected in the LAVic Junior Development Squad.

The Junior Development Squad (JDS) gives U12 – U16 athletes an opportunity to develop additional skills and improve technical competencies through participation in coaching and training sessions with some of Victoria’s leading coaches. Training with other keen and enthusiastic squad members is both fun and motivational and helps develop new friendships based on an enjoyment of athletics. The emphasis is to provide a friendly and supportive environment.


Social Media Update

In the recent SHUNT media report our Facebook page had the second most-liked post from all Athletics Centre’s/Clubs in Australia, we are third-most engaging and 11th for total page likes! This is an outstanding result just remember whenever you see a post from Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre give it a like, share or comment and let’s get to number 1!

Sponsorship & Fundraising Information

We are still chasing some new sponsors for our 2021/22 season , if anyone who owns a local business would like to sponsor our center please get in contact with Chloe via email

We already have some great businesses jump on board!

Frenken Homes
Eagle Sports
Lance Cowan Accounting
Avan Campers
Melbourne Muscle Medics
Allambi Holiday Apartments
Lakes Entrance
Big Dogg Clothing
Clyde North Automotive
Peninsula Grind
Mobile Coffee

Updated LAVic COVID Protocols

Little Athletics Victoria has updated there Covid Protocols
Click here to view

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