Cranbourne Little Athletics – The CLAC Chronicle 2022/23 – Volume 4

We have now officially moved past the halfway mark of our Track and Field season.

Just a quick Chronicle Update this month with a few reminders.

There will be a few extra emails going out over the next few weeks with Parent Point Updates, Region and State Updates, Meteorite Gift and Championship/Personal Best Day.

Pakenham vs Cranbourne Shield

Last Saturday was, once again, a great day out at Pakenham for the Annual Cranbourne vs Pakenham Cup. This event started in the early ’90s when two small country centre committees thought it would be a great idea for the athletes to make friends and have some friendly rivalries.

We won the cup, again, with all our athletes putting in some of their best performances.

This is the last year we will meet at this track for Pakenham before they move to a brand-new synthetic track down the road.

2023/24 Committee Nominations

Have you been thinking of joining the Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre Committee?
As of the End of the Track & Field Season, all committee positions are declared open.

If you would like a Role Description of any of the positions, please email the centre, or see the link below for a brief description. Please fill out your nomination form and email it to the Secretary before the AGM.

Committee Position Descriptions

2023/24 Committee Nomination Form

Hosting 2022/23 GCR Track and Field Carnival
(Extra Assistance Required)

This year we ar HOSTING the 2022/23 GCR Track and Field Carnival at Casey Fields. This of course means we will be requiring extra duties to help run the Canteen and BBQ for the weekend. These duties will be on top of the normal GCR allocated, on field duties.

In the next few weeks we will release a sign up sheet for those to help over the Region weekend, these duties will grant BONUS PARENT POINTS for all who help.

Days like this are a major fundraiser for our centre which helps keeps our fee’s down, and all profit goes back into the centre to help the athletes. The more help we get around the Canteen and BBQ the better it is for our centre, and the better it is for your family.

Entries for GCR Coles Track & Field Carnival – U9+ (Feb 18th-19th)

The entries for Region Track and Field for the U9+ athletes are closing soon!

All athletes in these age groups would have received an email from LAVic with further details on how and where to register.
Please remember this is a SATURDAY & SUNDAY event, and this year we are hosting it at Casey Fields.

If you have any questions please see one of the committee members, send us an email or a message via messenger and we will be able to assist.

Please remember this is the qualifying for the State Track and Field Championships.

Also please note, when registering you must agree that you understand as a condition of entering my child in the Region Carnival and State Championships (if qualifies), it is a requirement that I will be available to perform a rostered duty representing my Centre as required – this applies to ALL athletes, whether you are doing 1 or 5 events. If parents are scheduled for duties and do not show up, your athlete will be scratched from all future events, including the state championship, if they qualify.


Entries For GCR Junior (U6-U8) Track & Field Carnival

For those in the U6-U8 age groups, the Gippsland Country Region is the only region that runs a mini U6-U8 carnival. This will run on the Saturday Morning of the Region T&F Carnival.
All athletes that enter will receive a participation ribbon at every event and a show bag at the conclusion of the carnival.

U6 & U7 – 50m, 70m, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus
U8  – 70m, 100m, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus

2022/23 Season Calendar

Our season calendar can be found on the link below

Did you know you can sync the season calendar to your mobile phone/computer calendar?
Simply join us on TeamApp, click on events then the three dots up the top, and subscribe.

Uniform Requirements

Would you turn up to your weekly footy or netball game and be allowed to play in Tracksuit pants or wear a different color shirt?
Would you turn up to your soccer or basketball game and be allowed to play in your hoody or wear logos of another team?
Would you perform a dance competition wearing your warm-up top?

Little Athletics is no different – The FULL Centre uniform must be worn when competing at all Centre Programs. White Cranbourne competition shirt, PLAIN royal blue shorts, Your Commonwealth Bank Name Patch pinned on, and the sewn-on Coles Patch all form part of your uniform.
The uniform can be purchased from our uniform shop on a Saturday morning or via our online store

There are only 3 reasons not to be in the correct uniform:
1. You are a trial athlete.
2. We have run out of your size (we now have a full size run in all items)
3. We have a special dress-up-themed week (Pinkletics, Coles Community Day etc..).

If you forget your name tag, you can purchase a new one for $5 – after this week we will no longer have Temp Tags.
If you are not in the correct uniform, your results will not be recorded and any photos will not be uploaded.

8am Program Starts

Please remember we start from 8am. The committee has been coming up with ideas on how we can get through the program quicker each and every week. One thing that does extend the program out, is athletes turning up late.

If you are late and your age group is already at an event please make sure you are aware of the following:

– 1st Event is a Track Event
If the age group has already completed the event, they will not be permitted to run with another age group or gender. If they are in marshaling/waiting at the start line, the athlete will be able to join in.

– 1st Event is Long/Triple Jump or a Throwing Event.
Athletes will join into the round they are up. If every athlete has already completed two attempts, the late athlete will only get one attempt. No Practice throws/jumps and No Time to mark run ups etc.

– 1st Event is High Jump
The athlete will be able to join in at the current height when they arrive.

When it comes time for another event if parent helpers notice an athlete is missing please notify one of the committee members with a radio and we will organize to have the athlete called to the event. If they are called to the event and are still late the same rules as above will apply.

Lost Property

Our Lost Property collection is growing at a rapid rate.
Please remember to label all clothing and drink bottles so we can try and return them to athletes.

Once items have been in Lost Property for 4-6 weeks the items will be donated to a local charity

Social Media and Communication

Make sure you have liked us on Facebook and followed our Instagram for further updates, pictures, etc… Last Season we won the LAVic Marketing Award for our Social Media presence so be sure to jump on and like our page.

Our weekly photos will again be uploaded straight to our Facebook page! We will aim to have them up within 2-3 Days of the Saturday Competition.

For up-to-date information please join our member groups below

Facebook Members Group:

Team App:

Please remember everyone at Cranbourne LAC is a volunteer, when contacting the centre by email, social media, or phone please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond.


We would once again to thank all our partners for the 2022/23 season.

If you own a local business and would like to partner with Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre, please get in touch with us now.

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