Centre Captains


There are certain criteria taken into account when considering athletes for this important role. 

  • Athletes are within the senior age groups
  • A male and a female athlete are to be selected as centre captains
  • These athletes are to be considered as a positive role model
  • These athletes are a good example to all centre members
  • These athletes show great sportsmanship
  • These athletes represent the club with high morale
  • These athletes demonstrate good behaviour on and off the track
  • These athletes have shown a commitment by attending at least 75% of all CLAC competition during the previous season and has been a member of the club for a minimum of 3 years

Expectations of the Club Captain

The Club Captains will be expected to perform certain roles and duties during the season as outlined below:

  • Assist centre committee members before, during and after competitions, if required
  • Warm up athletes before competition and at training
  • Be involved with Regional and State Relay Teams
  • Be present and encourage centre athletes at any VIC regional events
  • Be present and encourage centre athletes at the VIC state championships
  • Assist with presentations at the end of season
  • Assist with any fundraiser the club is organising
  • The athlete must compete at a minimum of 75% of all possible CLAC competition during the season or provide a suitable Medical Certificate to justify not having attended.

The Centre Captains are to be awarded by the current coaching team on the first night of training.

The Centre Captains will appear on Socials (similar to life members) and be awarded a plaque at the end of the season.