Weekly Program Frequently Asked Q&As

Every Victorian Little Athletics Centre is experiencing either a phenomenal growth in numbers this Athletics season, or major issues with the weather, or both. Our centre has a reputation of being continuously innovative and solutions focussed even more so during times like this. This innovation has helped us through the lockdowns and put us in a stronger-than-before position helping us to become one of the more successful Little Athletics Centres in Victoria. 

Despite this backdrop, the committee has been inundated with questions and comparisons to other centres, such as Geelong and Berwick, on our program, timings and set-up this year. We have spoken to other centre committees on how they are experiencing their season so far as well as sharing ideas to make Saturdays run more smoothly. Whilst these ongoing conversations with other centres have cemented our belief that our season is well placed, we felt the below Q&A might help provide some further understanding so we are all on the same page. 

Q: Is the program locked in for this season?

A: Yes, the program has been locked in for a few weeks now. We have regular programs A, B & C and two special programs for Twilights and special events – programs D & E. The program events have been designed around LAVic best practices, and in consultation with exercise physiology. The program and calendar are found on our website - Click here to see the season calendar

Q: Why are we doing 5 events each week?

A: In response to feedback early this season we adapted to a five-event program. We started the season with four events as we were settling in, as we had a large number of trial athletes and new families who had joined us. We have also had record numbers of members this season. Our special programs have four events to cater for a reduced timeframe.

Q: Why does the program take so long?

A: Our program is actually a lot quicker than most similar-sized centres based on our consultation with a range of Victorian centres. Many centres have a reduced number of events on offer – some three events, many four events, and some like ours have five events. We aim to have each program finished by 12pm but this can vary. If parents need to take their athletes home earlier than the expected finish time that is fine and supported by us. Just please don’t feel the need to abuse officials - This won't be tolerated.

Q: Why can't our age group just jump into one of the available throws/jumps areas that appear free?

A: The flow of the program is planned and managed by our program managers. If everyone did this it would be impossible to manage the program on the day and be chaos. There is usually a good reason why an area is vacant but if you had any questions you could ask the relevant area referee or Chief Official.

Q: What happens in wet or extreme weather? What’s the process to cancel a competition?

A: Centre officials are down early at the track and a decision is made by 7am concerning competition. Options include canceling the program due to the weather (flooding of track, thunder/lightning, severe weather), or modifying the program (track only for example). A track-only program doesn’t necessarily mean the program will finish earlier. Updates will be put out at 7am across our social media channels if changes need to occur.


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