COVID 19 Protocols

Covid 19

Little Athletics Victoria have established guidelines in accordance with Victoria Government requirements for COVID-19.  Please click on the hyperlink to see a range of LAVic’s Covid 19 guidelines. 

Coronavirus (COVID‑19) – Little Athletics Victoria (

In summary, and as part of those guidelines, all participants are required to:

  • Check in and out by scanning the QR Code for all training and competitions, until told otherwise.
  • Physical distancing, by keeping 1.5m distance between people on and off the track at all times or until told otherwise.
  • Avoid physical contact including shaking hands, high fives or hugging, until told otherwise.
  • If you or an athlete in your family is unwell, please stay home and avoid physical contact with other people.
  • Each athlete and any other person accompanying the athlete, should clean their hands (by hand washing or sanitiser) on arrival and before the start of training or competition event and at the conclusion of training or competition event.
  • Athletes should also clean their hands during an event if they are touching equipment multiple times.
  • Athletes are encouraged to maintain good hygiene practices including not sharing water bottles.
  • If athletes/families have to isolate, athletes will not loose participation points towards your end of season awards. You must email the centre a copy of your government email/text message to not loose participation points.

Please use the QR code on your smartphone or device to check in each time you arrive at Casey Fields.