About Cranbourne Little Athletics


Each program is made up of a combination of both running, throwing and/or jumping events.

Our program is run on a Saturday morning from October to March from 8.30am to an approximate finish time of 11.30am. We ask athletes and parents to arrive 15-20 minutes before the start time for warm-ups and parent duty allocations.

On several weeks each season (especially on long weekends) the program is run as a Friday night twilight program from 6pm – 9pm with a priority on starting and finishing the younger kids by 8pm. We always run 4 events only for the Friday night program.


Little Athletics is open to athletes from Under 6 to Under 16’s.  They compete in their age group and gender for a set program each week that will consist of a minimum of 4 and often 5 events. Their age group is determined by their birthday as of the 31st December each year. For example, a child who is 7 years of age as of the 31st December, will compete in the Under 8s age group for the remainder of the 2019/20 summer season regardless if they turn 8 at some point during the season. Visit the LAVic age group calculator for more assistance.

In 2016, for the first time for our Club, and also a first for any other Little Athletics Victorian Club, Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre introduced a Multi Class Team to run, jump and throw alongside current Cranbourne Little Athletics participants. The Multi Class Team make up a team of children/teens (from ages 5-16 years) and are initially clustered together (irrespective of age/gender) and compete in events each week amongst each other. If parents of the individual athlete would like to discuss with the Club that they believe their child is happy and ready to be integrated into the current age & gender groups, we are supportive of the prospect. The idea is that we hope to bond & encourage the Multi Class Team, teach the athletes about technique (of each event, relative to their ability) and then integrate each child (in their own time, if at all) into their respective age/gender group. Visit our Multi Class Team page for more information.


All registrations and payments need to completed online via the Little Athletics Victoria website. Ensure you select Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre as your club when doing this.


1 athlete – $165

2 athletes  – $330

3 athletes  – $460

4 athletes  – $590

5 athletes  – $710

The membership fees covers each athlete for both the summer Track and Field season and also the winter Cross Country program.


If you or your children are unsure about making a full commitment to Little Athletics, we do offer all potential new members, 2 free trials of our program, before registration and payment. Pop into the clubrooms before the start of the program and put your athletes’ names down for the trial. They will be issued with a temporary name tag to attach to their top and they can compete in the full program for that day. They just need to wear shorts, runners and a t-shirt/singlet top to compete.


It is important for all new members to be aware that the program is a parent run program with no paid positions within the club. This means that we need all parents lending a hand every week to assist with on and off-field duties. There is a minimum requirement of 30 duty points for each family needed each season for your child to be eligible to receive participation or other awards/trophies at the end of the season. There will be plenty of support and information provided to new parents to know what to do when volunteering for field events or marshaling activities. See our FAQ’s for more information.


Training is not compulsory but we encourage all athletes to come down to practice the key skills required for the different events. This year we have a range of coaches available to support our Head Coach Matt Warwick and the athletes.

4.45pm – 5.45pm (under 6-8)
5.45pm – 6.45pm (under 9+ & multi class)

5.45pm – 6.45pm (under 9+)

Relay Training
Sundays (under 9+)
8.30am – 9.30am


Participation Award

All athletes are eligible for a Participation Award provided that they and their family meet the following criteria:

  • The athlete has competed in at least 60% of the available events to them from their date of registration, and
  • The family has achieved the minimum number of Parent Duty points (i.e. 30 points) for the season.

By advising the Centre of an illness or custody arrangement which prevents the athlete from participating, the Centre can consider these circumstances in determining the eligibility for a trophy.

Unless there have been extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the Committee, no athlete shall be eligible for a Centre Champion, Aged Champion, and Runner Up award if they haven’t met the minimum criteria detailed below under each award.

During the season, points are automatically allocated within our results system based on the performance of the athletes for every single event they compete in. In this system, every centimeter thrown/jumped and seconds ran, attracts points every time they complete an event according to a pre-set table. Point scoring works over all competition days and special program events – Region and State events DO NOT Count.

Centre Champion Awards

The Centre Champion Awards are given to the girl and boy athlete who gains the highest total individual point score for the Track and Field competition season across all age groups.

They must have completed a minimum of 75% participation of total events and have the 30 parent duty points.

 The Centre Champion system is designed to recognise the most consistently high-performing, all-round, girl and boy athlete. It is similar to a decathlon or heptathlon competition but runs across an entire season. So high performance across most events competed in, combined with a high participation rate, is what is needed to have a chance at winning these awards.

Age-Group Champions

The Age-Group Champion and Runner-Up Awards are determined by having the most total points determined by the average results per event across a season. The average performances (i.e. times/distances) for each event are allocated points based on the % of the club record that was achieved (i.e. a maximum of 100% of available points if the average equals the current club record).

All percentages (and therefore points) are recalculated and adjusted automatically across the season if new club records are set in specific events.

Athletes must have completed a minimum of 75% participation of total events and 30 parent duty points.

The Coaches Perpetual Trophy

This is awarded each year to one boy and one girl athlete who are judged on a points system by the Head Coach for their general behaviour and sportsmanship, at training and Centre competition days.

The President’s Award

This award is given to a member of the club determined by the CLAC President as someone who has made a significant, long-term, and often unheralded behind-the-scenes contribution as a volunteer helper.

The Lyn Abaloz Memorial Shield

Introduced in season 1988/89 as a tribute to Lyn Abaloz, in recognition of her long involvement and contribution to the development of Little Athletics in Cranbourne.  The ‘Lyn Abaloz Memorial Shield’ will be bestowed upon one girl and one boy athlete each year based on the following criteria:

  • General behaviour
  • Attendance at Training and Centre competitions
  • Self improvement throughout the season
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Highest personal best performance over the season

They must have completed a minimum of 60% participation of total events and 30 parent duty points.

Most Improved Athletes

A Most Improved Athlete will be awarded for a boy and girl across each of the following age groupings:

  • Junior (Under 6 to 8’s)
  • Intermediate (Under 9 to Under 12’s)
  • Senior (Under 13 to Under 16’s)
  • Multi Class Team (varied ages of athletes with Special Needs)

This is determined from the number of Personal best performances recorded over the season.  They must have completed a minimum of 60% participation of total events and 30 parent duty points.

Family Volunteer Award

This award is given to a family who has shown great support and participation in the club throughout the season to make a strong contribution to the success of our program and the centre overall.

Bendigo Bank Volunteer of the Year

This award is voted on by the committee to recognise one of our parents who has gone ‘above and beyond’ in volunteering their time and services for the benefit of the club throughout the season.


If you wish to speak to someone to clarify and confirm how it all works,  you can send an email to the club via cranbourne@lavic.com.au

Check out our contact page for links to our social media pages.

We look forward to seeing you all soon for a great athletics season at the Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre, at the premier suburban athletics venue in the state.