Thank you for your support!

Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre is a family run club that promotes family, fun and fitness. There are no paid positions within the club and our committee members are parents themselves who volunteer their time. It is impossible to run our program each week without additional support in a range of areas from our athletes’ families.

What can I do to help?

Assistance is required in many areas including marshalling, measuring, recording and general supervision of the athletes at events, canteen and BBQ duties and other miscellaneous tasks.

What happens if there is not enough help?

If there are not enough volunteers, events cannot be run.

How do I learn how to help at events?

Simply attend an event with your athlete and let someone know you are keen to help. Other parents and/or committee members are only too willing to show others how the task is done. Guidance is also available on our website.

Is volunteering compulsory?

Yes. We require families to contribute a minimum of 30 points worth of duties across the season.

How many points is each task worth?

In addition to the list below, other tasks/points will be available ad hoc throughout the season.

Age group leader Takes age-group folder, records parent helper names, ensures results sheets are filled out neatly and correctly and supervises the group for the day. 5 points per day
Field event helper Assists with an age group when they go to a field event in measuring, recording or managing the athletes. 1 point per event
Start line marshall Assists with organising and lining up athletes in lanes on the track for their event, includes helping all age groups. 1 point per event
Set up crew Arrive at 7am and assist with setting up track and field equipment for competition. You will need to give your name a week prior to be rostered for this duty. 5 points per day
Pack up crew At the end of competition, assist with packing up equipment and ensuring the stadium is tidy and presentable for other users. 5 points per day
Canteen & BBQ Assist the Canteen Manager by stocking up food/drink items, serving members, cooking BBQ items, set-up/pack-up canteen as required. 2 points per hour
Gate assistant Scans athletes’ barcoded tags at the end of every race. May need to wave flags, hand out lane numbers, and/or ensure that younger athletes remain in their lanes. 5 points per day
Gate operator For parents who have received training to operate the electronic gate system (please speak with a committee member if you are interested). 5 points per day
Starter Conduct the starting of races, using the device supplied. You must have completed a starters course to be able to do this duty (please speak with a committee member if you are interested). 5 points per day


How are points recorded?

Ensure you sign your name to the duty you are undertaking, so we can accurately track your points.

Is the name tag/barcode compulsory?

Yes, they must be worn every week to record athletes’ results. If you need to replace it, there is an out of pocket cost of $5. Another handy tip is to take a picture, print & leave in your car the barcode/plastic athlete bib, just in case it gets ruined throughout the season. Or use clear contact to preserve the barcodes. Laminating the patch blacks out the barcode.

How do I find out what’s going on?

We communicate through the Cranbourne Little Athletics Team App and email, as well as updates on our Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter and website. Please speak with a Committee member if you would like assistance with connecting with any of our communication channels.

Where can I find my athletes certificates?

Athletes can find their certificates for reaching standards and/or achieving 10, 20, 30 PB’s (Personal Bests) in the season, in the files boxes located at the Club Rooms. These are group by your child’s age group.

Who can I ask for help?

If you have any questions or concerns, please chat with a committee member who will endeavor to resolve your query as soon as possible. You can find committee members wearing pink vests and/or visit us up at the clubrooms.

Is there First Aid available?

First Aid is of paramount importance at all Little Athletic Events. Qualified First Aiders, supplied by St Johns, will be in attendance at all weekly competitions.

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