2020 State Championships

The 2020 State Track & Field Championships will take place over the 14th and 15th of March 2020 at Casey Fields.

Date: 14th and 15th of March 2020

Venue: Casey Fields, 160 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977 (See map below)

Open to: Entrants who have qualified at a Region Track & Field Carnival. Athletes who are on the ‘Athlete Qualifiers & Progressions’ list linked below, do not need to register for the State Championships. You’re automatically entered.



Full Athlete Qualifiers & Progressions

Congratulations to all Cranbourne Athletes who have made it through to state.

Adelaja, Symone (U9 Girl)
70m, 100m, Long Jump

Agostino, Cecilia (U12 Girl)
100m, 200m, Long Jump

Aliva, Cyprian (U9 Boy)
Shot Put

Anderson Cullen (U13 Boy)
1500m Walk

Black, Zoe (U10 Girl)
Discus, High Jump

Cormack, Marina (U16 Girls)
100m, 200m

Crowley, Benjamin (U11 Boys)
1100m Walk

Cunningham, Ella (U13 Girls)
1500m Walk

Currie, Logan (U13 Boy)
1500m Walk

Dunn, James  (U12 Boy)
1500m Walk

Freestone, Chloe (U15 Girl)
1500m Walk

Freestone, Cora (U9 Girl)
100m, 200m, 400m, Long Jump

Freestone, Keely (U13 Girl)
1500m Walk, 200m Hurdle, Javelin

Gorgievski, Caitlyn (U11 Girl)
1100m Walk

Ham, Ezekiel (U10 Boy)
100m, 60m Hurdle, Long Jump

Howell, Caitlin (U10 Girl)
Shot Put

James, Mackinzie (U13 Girl)
200m Hurdles

James, Teagan (Multi Class) T/F20
100m, 200m, Long Jump, Shot Put

Kariuki, Jeremy (U14 Boy)
100m, 200m, Long Jump

Khew, Jasmine (U11 Girl)
1100m Walk

Khew, Max (U9 Boys)
700m Walk, Discus

Kute, Laliya (U13 Girl)
200m, Triple Jump

Laughlin, Jackson (Multi Class) T/F 20
100m, 200m, Long Jump, Shot Put

Lauterboom, Java (U9 Boys)
400m, 800m

Lawler, Seth (U13 Boys)

Loudon, Kelsey (U9 Girl)
700m Walk, Discus, Shot Put

Maling Declan (U10 Boys)
400m, 800m, 60m Hurdles, Long Jump

McCaughan, Ethan (U11 Boy)
100m, 80m Hurdles, Long Jump

Meier, Heidi (U10 Girls)
1100m Walk

Miljanic, Ana (U13 Girls)
100m, 80m Hurdles, Discus

Miller-Randle Samantha (U13 Girls)
400m, Shot Put

Neil, Caleb (U9 Boys)
70m 100m, 200m, 60m Hurdles

Neilson, Georgia (U16 Girls)
200m, Triple Jump

O’Dea, Finley (U14 Boys)
High Jump

Boys 100m Under 13 Olaniyan Zion-Great (U13 Boy)
100m, 200m, 80m Hurdles, Shot Put

Panoutsos, Christian (U14 Boy)
200m Hurdles

Parker, Haylee (U13 Girls)

Perkins, Ashleigh (U13 Girls)

Piperno, Filippa (U12 Girls)
High Jump

Boys 200m Under 14 Sullivan Joshua (U14 Boys)
200m, 400m, Long Jump, Triple Jump

Sullivan, Liam (U11 Boy)
1100m Walk

Taru, Devyn (U11 Boy)
Triple Jump

Warwick, Lani (U9 Girls)
700m Walk

Warwick, Shayla (U12 Girls)
1500m Walk

Weerasinghe, Nemindu (U13 Boy)


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