2019/20 Parent Roster

It takes over one hundred parents each week to help run our athletics program for our children. Obviously, there aren’t one
hundred parents on the Committee and we all need to pitch in to ensure the day runs smoothly. By pitching in, the program will be
able to start on time and finish as early as possible.
A register of your “pitching in”, is recorded via parent points. Parent points are points allocated to those that help at the events.
Each family must reach a total of 30 points for their child(ren) to be eligible for a trophy or award at the end of the season.

Points are allocated as follows;

Other points may be allocated depending on the situation and may be subject to change and at the discretion of the Committee –
i.e. helping with State or Regional events, picking up the banana’s from Coles each week or bagging up sweets for some of our special events.

Only parents with an ‘Officials’ orange vest who have signed in their name for duty will be permitted in the arena. All other parents must remain outside the fence. Parent points are tallied and recorded after each week. If you would like to know your tally, please email cranbourne@lavic.com.au (be sure to include your child’s first, surname and age group).

Parent support is appreciated and very much needed. Our children love to see us involved in their activities. Get involved today and have fun!